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The only yeast infection test that is going to give you a correct diagnosis is a test from your doctor. They will take a sample of the culture from your vagina so they know exactly is what causing the irritation. Many women self diagnose their own infection, or they try and test themselves with a method they have read about on the internet. This is the easiest way to create more infections and/or make the infection you have got a lot worse. Self diagnosis is not a good way to test a a vaginal infection

Monistat yeast infection test

Many sufferers of vaginal infections think they can purchase a tube of Monistat from their local drug store, and then test their infection at home. Some women think that if the cream burns them that they aren't suffering from a yeast infection. This is not true. And other women think that if the symptoms disappear then they are suffering from a fungal infection. This is not entirely true either.

If you use the Monistat and it burns you then it means you're suffering from an allergic reaction. It doesn't mean you're not suffering from a yeast infection. You can still have a fungal infection, and the cream can burn you. If you do use the cream and it burns you then you need to stop using it, and then go back and see your doctor.

If you use the cream and your symptoms disappear then this doesn't guarantee that you're suffering from a fungal infection. These creams will alleviate the symptoms of other vaginal infections, and this is why you need to see your doctor for a correct diagnosis. Anti fungal creams only treat your infection if it is caused by fungus, they do not treat any other type of vaginal infection. And if you use them when you're not suffering from a yeast infection you can actually create one.

If you use these creams when you're not suffering from a Candida infection then you'll force it to mutate into a fungus, and then you'll be using even more powerful drugs to cure the infection you created with the cream.

Always see your doctor first

If you're suffering from any vaginal infection then you should see your doctor first. All infections are caused by bacteria or fungus, and these need to be treated correctly so you don't make anything worse or create another infection. The last thing you need is another infection on top of the one you're already suffering from. If you need to take antibiotics for your original infection then you'll make the yeast infection you created a lot worse.

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