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Yeast Infection Keeps Coming Back

If your yeast infection keeps coming back then there is a perfectly good reason for that. Once you know why your Candida keeps coming back you can start treating your infection from the root cause. Until you do this your infection will always return, and every time it does it will get worse. If you're already experiencing your yeast infection getting worse after treatment it's because the fungus is mutating into a more aggressive strain every time you try and kill it. The treatment you're using is a massive part of your problem.

Your diet needs to change

TO cure a yeast infection from the root cause you must start with your diet. If you continue to eat foods that feed the fungus in your body then your infection will never be treated. You must learn to starve the fungus and the Candida before you can eliminate it from your body. If you want to learn more about eating the right foods to cure your infection then get a Free Candida diet mini course here. This is the basis of a successful treatment if you're suffering from recurrent yeast infections.

The treatment you've been using

You may well have been using a treatment that has been prescribed to you by your doctor, but it's the anti fungal cure that you been using that is now your worst enemy. If you keep on using the same treatment all you're going to do is make the fungus in your body more aggressive. If you're using an oral anti fungal treatment then the fungus in your digestive tract is getting more aggressive, and digestive discomfort such as gas and bloating is a sign you have fungus in your intestines.

When you just kill the fungus in your body you're only treating the symptoms of a much larger problem. You have Candida entering your body every day, and this Candida is mutating into more fungus that is causing your symptoms. You need to stop the Candida from mutating before you can cure your yeast infection that keeps coming back. This means starting at the root cause which is the fact that your body is now allowing Candida to mutate into fungus, and you're helping this along with your diet.

It's up to you now

You can carry on treating your Candida overgrowth with anti fungal drugs and make your infection worse or you can start looking at other methods of treatment. Some women choose to carry on using anti fungal drugs and spend hundreds of dollars a year on something that is not curing their infection, and destroying their internal health.

Please don't be one of those sufferers. You can start curing your infection today with the right help. Visit Free Candida diet mini course, and start turning your life around.

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