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Yeast Infection And Bloating

A yeast infection and bloating means you now have a yeast infection in your intestines. The bloating is caused by the fungus feeding on the food that you eat and it isn't getting digested properly so it is causing digestive discomfort. The fungal activity in your intestines also causes more gas, as fungus is a gas forming organism.

The bacterial balance in your digestive tract

You have a bacterial balance in your digestive tract that has been upset. You now have more yeast and fungus than you do friendly bacteria, and that is why your food is not getting digested properly. When the food passes through your intestines it is now fermenting so it is now becoming more food for the fungus, yeast and other parasites that are living in your bowels.

Your yeast infection and bloating is just going to get worse until you start treating your infection from the root cause. Because the yeast in your body is mutating into fungus, just killing the fungus is not going to cure your infection. You need to stop the yeast from mutating before you can eliminate the fungus from your digestive tract.

Your diet

The food that you eat will play an important part in your treatment. You can't keep on eating foods that encourage the yeast and fungus to breed in your body when you're trying to kill them off. Women that do this suffer from their infections for a very long time. Some women end up taking oral anti fungal drugs for years while they are being told by their doctor they are preventing their infections. This kind of treatment is in now way preventing anything, all it does is alleviate the symptoms while the infection is just getting worse.

What you need to do

You now need to completely cleanse your body of the yeast and fungus. If it keeps on feeding in your body it will start feeding ON your body, and then you're going to start suffering from more symptoms than some gas and bloating. Mood swings and depression will soon enter your life, and your doctor will not be prescribing anything that treats intestinal yeast in an attempt to cure these. You'll just get more drugs that will mask your symptoms just like anti fungal drugs do for your yeast infection. Your yeast infection and bloating will be the least of your worries then.

Linda Allen has been helping sufferers of intestinal yeast infection for years. She knows exactly what encourages the fungus to breed in your body and this makes her e very good at completely eliminating it from your body. Read more about Linda and her yeast cure here - Sarah Summer's Natural Cure For Yeast Infections.

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