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What Causes A Yeast Infection

What causes a yeast infection? There are many ways a yeast infection is actually caused, but they all start with the same source, and that is the fact that once the body can no longer keep the Candida yeast under control, the yeast will mutate into an aggressive fungus that feeds on your skin cells. In order to successfully cure your infection you must find out why the Candida is mutating in your body, and also find out what you're doing that is encouraging the fungus to breed. Once you discover these then you'll soon be cured.

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Some of the causes of yeast infections

The biggest cause of yeast infections is antibiotics. Antibiotics kill off your body's beneficial bacteria, and this bacteria has been keeping the Candida under control since you were a child. When you take a course of antibiotics they don't just kill the bacteria they were taken for, they kill all of the bacteria in your body unless you have any bacteria in your body that is resistant to antibiotics.

Another cause of Candida overgrowth is diabetes. Diabetes raises blood sugar levels if it isn't monitored properly and it also weakens the immune system. A combination of both of these allow the Candida to flourish and then it starts mutating into a fungus.

Eating a poor diet that is high in sugar will also cause yeast infections in some women. This is more common in women that have low levels of beneficial bacteria and a weak immune system. Many people eat a diet high in sugar without ever getting a yeast infection.

Your choices of yeast infection treatment

If you're suffering from your first yeast infection and you've had a diagnosis from your doctor you can use an anti fungal cream that you can purchase from your local drug store.

If you've already tried a conventional treatment and it hasn't cured your infection then you need find out what is curing your infection. You also need to stop doing anything that is encouraging the fungus to breed in your body.

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When you leave your yeast infection untreated you're not only allowing the Candida fungus to keep on feeding in your vagina, but it will feed in your intestines as well. This is where a lot of yeast infections start even though you're only experiencing symptoms in your vagina. Bloating is a sign that you have fungus in your intestines.

If antibiotics caused your yeast infection then you have a high chance of intestinal fungus as antibiotics kill all friendly bacteria, and that includes the friendly bacteria that are protecting your intestines.

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