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Bladder Infection left Untreated

If your bladder infection is left untreated then the infection you have at the moment, that can be cured within 12 hours, is going to spread to your kidneys. And then you’re going to end up in hospital having antibiotics pumped into you through a drip while you have your life-saving kidney infection treatment.

You have two options

You have two options now of what you can do to get your bladder infection treated. You can use a natural remedy or you can use antibiotics. Whatever you choose to use you must make that decision now so your infection doesn’t get any worse. As already mentioned, you only have an infection that can be fully cured within 12 hours very easily depending on how you choose to treat it.

Natural bladder infection remedy

If you choose to treat your bladder infection with a natural treatment then you’ll be fully cured by this time tomorrow. There is no reason to leave your infection untreated as you can start your treatment today. Mary Jo Barton has created the 12 hour UTI remedy that has been successfully used by tens of thousands of sufferers world wide.

It works first time every time, and unlike antibiotics it can’t create a resistant infection. All you do is flush the bacteria out of your urinary tract. Read more about the 12 hour bladder infection cure at Natural UTI Remedy.


Antibiotics are the most common treatment of bladder infections. This is because your doctor can’t tell you that you can cure your infection without them. So they have to prescribe them to you. These take between 3 days and a number of weeks to fully cure you, and that depends on how the bacteria in your body responds to the treatment.

If you want to purchase your antibiotics online, and save yourself some money then visit Cipro.

Remember that antibiotics kill friendly bacteria as well as the bacteria in your urinary tract so you should repopulate your intestines afterwards so you keep your immune system strong, and you also prevent a yeast infection. You can read about a high quality probiotic at ImmunoXcell.

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