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More women now use a urinary tract infection home remedy because of what antibiotics are doing to there bodies. The biggest problem now is dealing with a yeast infection after the antibiotics have caused a bacterial imbalance in their body, and also weakened their immune system.

Find out more information about a UTI home remedy that will have you fully cured in 12 hours here - UTI 12 Hour Cure.

Urinary tract infection and antibiotics

When you take antibiotics for your urinary tract infection it not only kills the E coli causing your UTI, but it kills your friendly bacteria as well. This creates an environment in your intestines and vagina that the Candida yeast thrives in very easily. It can now mutate into a fungus because your body has no friendly bacteria keeping it under control. Also, because the Candida Albicans yeast has been exposed to the antibiotics it will cause it to mutate into a stronger fungus so it becomes harder to treat by just using an OTC anti fungal cream.

Your immune system

Your immune system relies on a good colony of friendly bacteria in your digestive tract to operate at full strength. So when the antibiotics weaken your protection that you get from your friendly bacteria they also weaken your other defense of your immune system. These not only protect you from getting a yeast infection, but they protect you from a reoccurrence of your urinary tract infection.

Your urinary tract infection home remedy

Your urinary tract infection home remedy is a 12 hour remedy that will have the E coli eliminated from your urinary tract by this time tomorrow. All you need to do is buy every day products from your local supermarket, and you'll be able to start your 12 hour cure within an hour from now.

Joe Barton has created this home remedy for UTI's after years of research in bacterial infections. Where antibiotics have to kill all the E coli, which is why you're on them for a week, Joe's home remedy just creates an environment that the E coli can't stand living in. This then prevents the E coli bacteria from attaching itself to the walls of your urethra and bladder so you can easily flush it out 12 hours later.

If you want to prevent a yeast infection when you cure your urinary tract infection you can find out more information, and how Terri Johnson used this urinary tract infection home remedy here.

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