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Untreated Yeast Infections

Untreated yeast infections are something that is thought of by Candida infection sufferers every day. If you are thinking about leaving your yeast infection untreated then think again. If you think that you'll wake up one morning and your infection will be gone, that is something that is not going to happen. Your infection is caused by an aggressive fungus that has a good hold of your skin cells, and it's feeding and breeding as you're reading this.

You need to start treating your yeast infection today.

Mutated Candida yeast and untreated yeast infections

The Candida lives in your body all the time. It has done for years, it hasn't just entered your body. Your body has natural defenses that have been protecting you, and keeping the Candida under control. Your body has now allowed the Candida to mutate into an infection causing fungus. If you leave your yeast infection untreated then you also leave the Candida in your body to continue mutating into more aggressive, infection causing fungus.

Not only must you start treating your infection as soon as possible but you must treat it from the cause so the Candida doesn't mutate into more fungus. Untreated Candida really isn't good for your health. Candida lives in your intestines, and it is mutating there as well.

Intestinal yeast infections

When you leave your yeast infection untreated you're not only allowing the Candida fungus to keep on feeding in your vagina, but it will feed in your intestines as well. This is where a lot of yeast infections start even though you're only experiencing symptoms in your vagina. Bloating is a sign that you have fungus in your intestines.

If antibiotics caused your yeast infection then you have a high chance of intestinal fungus as antibiotics kill all friendly bacteria, and that includes the friendly bacteria that are protecting your intestines.

Untreated yeast infections

Leaving your yeast infection untreated is not a good idea. It can only get worse, and in the end your symptoms will become so unbearable that you'll regret what you did. You'll also need extensive drug treatment if you go to your doctor to get cured. You'll need creams and oral drugs just to kill the amount of fungus that you'll have in and on your body.

If you're think about leaving your infection untreated because you don't want to use any drugs then you can cure your infection naturally. Tens of thousands of sufferers have cured their yeast infection without any drugs using Linda Allen's natural yeast cure and you can read more about that here - Linda Allen's Natural Yeast Cure.

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