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Too Much Yeast In Your Body

Too much yeast in your body is a sign that you've been taking a lot of prescription drugs, and you're eating a poor diet that feeds yeast and fungus. If you're suffering from frequent yeast infections because of the fungal overgrowth in your body then you need to start looking at what you are doing to yourself. If you keep on going the way you are then your health is going to slowly get worse. Fungus in your body only destroys it, it doesn't have one single benefit.

Signs of too much yeast in your body

One of the signs that you are suffering from too much yeast in your body is a yeast infection that keeps coming back. An infection is caused when the yeast mutates into fungus so when you kill the fungus with a cream or pill the yeast then just mutates into more fungus once your treatment has stopped. So this is why you suffer from persistent yeast infections. You need to prevent the fungus from forming in your body in the first place before you can stop the reoccurrence of your infections.

The environment in your body

At the moment the environment in your body is one that the yeast and fungus is enjoying living in. You have created this yourself with your diet and the drugs and medicines you have taken in the past. Your body is far too acidic, and an acidic environment is one the encourages the growth of fungus.

Antibiotics are the biggest cause of the overproduction of yeast in the human body. This powerful anti bacterial drug kills friendly bacteria, and it also weakens the immune system. This allows the yeast to grow in numbers and the it takes over the environment in your body, and then it mutates into an infection causing fungus.

You need to cleanse your body so that your body's natural defenses have a chance of getting strong again, just like they were when you wasn't suffering from yeast infections.

Why your treatment is not working

The treatment you're using at the moment is not working because it only kills the fungus. Because your body has too much yeast in it, when you stop your treatment the yeast just carries on mutating into more fungus. The problem you now face is the fact that it is now getting exposed to the treatment every time you use it, and then it mutates into fungus that is slightly more resistant that the last fungus you killed.

This leads many sufferers down a path of getting prescriptions for more powerful anti fungal drugs that give them the exact same results. It doesn't matter how powerful the drug is that kills the fungus, if the yeast in your body is allowed to mutate into more fungus then you'll always suffer from infections.

Cleansing your body of yeast and fungus

You can read more information about getting help with cleansing your body at our page about a Natural Yeast Infection Cure.

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