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Systemic Yeast Infection

A systemic yeast infection ( sometimes written systematic Candida ) is a yeast infection of the bloodstream. Candida doesn't usually infect the bloodstream straight away so these infections are usually caused by a normal yeast infection not being treated correctly. Or they can be brought on by a serious health condition such as the AIDS virus. If you know you're not suffering from AIDS or any other serious illness then you probably fall into the first group who haven't treated the yeast infection they had from the root cause.

Not treating the cause of your infections

If you've been suffering from yeast infections that have now got into your bloodstream that's because you have only been treating the symptoms. Thousands of women fall into the trap of just killing the fungus with anti fungal drugs, and if that doesn't work they just use more drugs.

Just killing the fungus is not how you cure a yeast infection. You must treat the infection from the root cause. Systemic yeast infections are a result of too much fungus in your intestines, and if you've just been killing the fungus in your vagina then you have left your intestines untreated. This is where your infection is, and not in your vagina.

Your immune system

Your immune system has failed to protect your body while the fungus has been spreading inside of you. Your immune system is part of your body's natural defense system that protects you from infection causing fungus such as that Candida fungus. This is hwy people suffering from serious illness get systemic yeast infections because their immune system has been destroyed by their illness.

What you need to do

You have the Candida Albicans yeast living in you all the time. And it's this yeast that has mutated into the fungus that has perforated your intestines, and now the toxins and yeast have entered your bloodstream. So now you need to a complete cleanse so your health gets back to the way it once was.

In cleansing your body of fungus you'll give the beneficial bacteria an excellent chance to take the control back of your intestines. These are too low at the moment, and this is part of the reason why the Candid fungus has taken over.

Getting the right help

Curing a systemic yeast infection on your own is going to be practically impossible. You need to cure your infection as quickly as possible, and you have to make sure you od it correctly. If you make mistakes in your treatment you can continue feeding the fungus, or continue creating an environment in your body that the fungus loves living in.

Linda Allen has helped tens of thousands of yeast infection sufferers over the last few years completely eliminate fungus from their body. Sarah's natural, drug free approach to curing yeast infections means your body will regain the ability to prevent an infection so they won't return.

You can read more about Sarah's cure, and read testimonials from other former sufferers here - Linda Allen's Natural Yeast Cure.

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