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Can An OTC Cream Cause A Yeast Infection

An OTC cream will cause a yeast infection if it used incorrectly, and if it is used for reasons other than curing a yeast infection. It might sound odd thinking that a cream that has been created to cure yeast infections is becoming a cause for chronic vaginal Candida infections, but this is sadly the truth. This article is going to explain why this happens

Using an OTC yeast cream when you don't have a yeast infection

Using an OTC cream when you don't have a yeast infection is becoming more popular. More women are using these powerful anti fungal drug based creams every time they have an itch in the genital area. They'll use the OTC cream a couple of times to get rid of the itch they had, but they don't realize that they are creating resistant yeast in their vagina.

Creating super yeast

If you use a yeast cream for a couple of times to cure an itch you're suffering from you're not using the cream how it was intended to be used. A yeast cream needs to be used for a full course of treatment, and only used when you have a yeast infection. Using it a couple of times causes the Candida Albicans yeast ( that lives harmlessly in your vagina ) to mutate into an aggressive fungus. This is the point when you do actually have a yeast infection.

Because the OTC cream has caused your yeast infection, that cream will now be useless in curing your vaginal infection. The yeast has mutated into a fungus that is resistant to the cream so you'll probably now need oral anti fungal drugs to cure your yeast infection. The yeast infection is made worse if the sufferer doesn't tell their doctor that they used an OTC cream, and then they get prescribed another cream with the same active ingredient. This will just cause the yeast to mutate into an even stronger strain of fungus.

Your vagina's friendly bacteria

Your vagina naturally has friendly bacteria living in it. These are the same bacteria that you have living in your intestines which are the same as the bacteria you get in live yogurts. When you use a yeast infection OTC cream when you don't have a yeast infection it will kill your friendly bacteria so your vagina has no natural protection from the mutating Candida yeast. The friendly bacteria that lives in your vagina all the time keeps your vagina free from infections. Without it living there you will get a yeast infection.

See your doctor

If you ever suffer from any symptom in your vagina that resemble those of a yeast infection you should see your doctor before you start using an OTC anti fungal cream. These creams are power anti fungal, cream based drugs that should only be used while under supervision. I know they're freely available over the counter, but they are causing many women problems with chronic yeast infections.

Chronic yeast infections

If you are now suffering from chronic yeast infections due to over using OTC creams then you'll cure yourself a lot quicker with a natural yeast infection cure. Linda Allen is a one-time chronic yeast infection sufferer, and the yeast that was infecting her was resistant to every anti fungal drug that her doctor prescribed her. In the end her doctor said her yeast infection was impossible to cure.

Linda Allen then researched every piece of information she could find on the Candida Albicans yeast so she knew exactly how to kill it successfully without the need for any anti fungal drugs. That knowledge is now available to you, and you can read more about Sarah Summer's Natural Cure For Yeast Infections here.

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