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Oral Yeast Infections

Oral yeast infections in men and women are one of the most common types of oral infections. Oral thrush ( as it is also known ) has the same causes just like any other type of yeast infection. A weakened immune system, overuse of anti bacterial drugs and poor diet all the contribute to the fact that your body has lost the ability to control the Candida yeast that is now mutating into a fungus. It's this fungus that is now feeding on the skin cells on the inside of your mouth. If your doctors prescriptions haven't treated your mouth thrush then there is a good reason for that.

Oral yeast infections need to be treated in the same way any other type of Candida does, and that is from the root cause. Just killing the fungus is not a cure as you've probably already discovered. To treat your infection from the cause you need a multi-level approach that targets all the causes of your infection. Linda Allen has helped over 100,000 people cure their fungal infections, and successfully treated 98% of the sufferers in her care. You can find out more information about Linda Allen and read what other sufferers have said about her help here - Yeast Infection No More.

Oral thrush causes

Oral yeast infection causes are no different to vaginal Candida. Your body has lost the ability to keep the Candid yeast under control so it can now mutate into a fungus. We all have Candida in us, and when we are healthy our body can keep the numbers of this organism low. When the numbers are low it has ne effect on our health, but when they get high it can take over the environment, and then it mutates into an aggressive fungus.

The fungus is now feeding on the inside of your mouth, and that is what's causing your symptoms. If you've been prescribed anti fungal medication for your oral thrush and it keeps coming back that's because your body is still allowing the Candida to mutate. You must stop this mutating before you will be fungus free. No drug can do this you must re-strengthen your body's natural defenses for this to happen. If you keep on using anti fungal drugs you'll just make the fungus more aggressive.

Your mouth has now become a good place for the fungus to thrive in, and you need to reverse what has happened in there.

Oral thrush and heartburn

Oral yeast infections and acid reflux are quite common because you're continually swallowing fungus when you have it breeding in your mouth. The fungus then infects the digestive tract, and it will feed on the walls of you digestive tract in the same way that it feeds in your mouth.

Taking antacids will make the internal infection worse because these remedies neutralize stomach acid that would usually kill the fungus before it gets to the intestines. Once the fungus gets into your intestines it will start causing damage.

Oral thrush treatments

Oral yeast infection treatments are exactly the same as vaginal yeast infections. If you take an anti fungal prescription off of your doctor and it doesn't work it's because these drugs don't treat the cause of your infection. They just treat the symptoms. The fungus in your mouth is just a symptom of a much larger infection going on inside your body. You must stop the Candida mutating, and you must make the environment in your body unsuitable for fungus to breed in.

Linda Allen has helped thousands of sufferers who have been in the same position as you, and she can easily help you. Her knowledge will give you everything you need to cure your oral infection and keep it away for good.

Read more about Linda here - Yeast Infection No More.

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