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Monistat Is Not Working?

If Monistat is not working on your yeast infection then you do have other options. You can use the next most popular anti fungal drug, Fluconazole ( brand name Diflucan ), or you can use a natural Candida cure. Most women opt for the Fluconazole as it's the next most popular yeast infection treatment available, and doctors prescribe it all the time when Monistat doesn't work. A natural treatment, although much more effective, isn't used as often because most women don't know they exist. And a doctor will not tell you how to treat yourself without taking any drugs.


.Diflucan is an oral anti fungal drug that will kill all of the fungus in your body as well as in your vagina. The only problem with this is it is the same type of treatment as the Monistat. This means it only kills fungus. What it doesn't do is prevent the Candida in your body from mutating into more fungus once the treatment has stopped. So in order to cure your infection with drugs your doctor will use trial and error especially as the fungus in your vagina has already been exposed to one anti fungal drug. This increases the chance of it becoming drug resistant.

If the Candida in your body continues to mutate into more fungus then your doctor will continue to prescribe more drugs. Also, women who don't go to see their doctor will just keep on purchasing more anti-fungal drugs in the hope that one day they will eventually cure their infection.

A natural yeast infection cure

If Monistat isn't curing your yeast infection you can use a natural yeast infection treatment that restores all of your body's natural defenses as well as kills the fungus. When you treat your infection naturally you're safe in the knowledge that you'll be preventing the Candida from mutating into more fungus once your treatment stops. This is the most important part of treating your yeast infection.

Once your body can control the Candida again, just like it always did, you'll be infection free. Not only that, but your health will improve as well. Fungus in your body just damages your health as it releases toxins that enter your bloodstream and cause your internal organs to work much harder.

Linda Allen has treated over 100,000 yeast infections, and she can start helping you within the next 30 minutes. You can visit Sarah's site at Yeast Infection Natural Cure and read other testimonials from men and women who were successfully treat by her when their own doctor couldn't do anything for them.

See your doctor

If Monistat isn't curing your yeast infection it is important to go and see them. Your doctor can rule out any health problems you might have that are contributing to your infection. And they can also make sure you do actually have a yeast infection. Some women self diagnose themselves and get the diagnosis wrong. This leads to them then suffering from two infections. The one they originally had, and the yeast infection they have now created from using an anti fungal cream when they shouldn't have been. These creams are only to be used under the guidance of a professional such as your doctor, and they should only be used when you have a yeast infection.

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