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How Do Get Yeast Infections

How do you get yeast infections? Your body has naturally been protecting you from yeast infections for your whole life. The fungus that is now eating you and causing the itching and burning you're suffering from has always been living in your body. It starts out as a harmless Candida yeast that lives in your intestines and on your skin. Now your body is unable to control the Candida it has mutated into a fungus, and this is when you start suffering from yeast infections

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Your intestinal flora

You have an intestinal flora made up of good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria stops the bad bacteria from getting out of control, and when the numbers of your good bacteria become low then the Candida yeast grows in numbers and becomes more aggressive. Once this happens then it mutates and starts eating your body. The itching in your vagina is a result of the fungus feeding on the skin cells.

Antibiotics and their effect on your body

Antibiotics are one of the main reasons why you get yeast infections. They kill off good bacteria so then the Candida can start mutating. If you start suffering from yeast infections after you have taken a course of antibiotics then it's a good idea to be prepared in the future and take a course of good quality probiotics afterwards. That way you'll replenish the good bacteria in your body before a yeast infection can set in.

Poor diet

If you eat a poor diet that is high in sugar then that can be a reason you've gotten a yeast infection. The Candida yeast loves sugar and when you consume a lot of it then the Candida will naturally grow in numbers so it can then over-power your friendly bacteria and start causing you problems. An itchy vagina is just one symptom of a yeast infection, it's not actually the infection.

You have the fungus feeding on the inside of your body, and if you're eating a lot of sugar every day then you're feeding the fungus every day. To successfully cure your yeast infection you must stop doing everything that encourages the fungus to feed and grow in your body.

Getting help from an expert

To help you answer the question, how do you get yeast infections? It's best to get the help from an expert who knows everything about how fungus breeds in your body.

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