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A good Candida cleanse will completely eliminate the Candida fungus from your body so you start living in optimum health. When you have the Candida fungus breeding in your body it will rob you of valuable nutrients and completely mess up your digestion. Gas and bloating are just the start of fungal overgrowth in your intestines. To cleanse Candida naturally you will be restoring your inner health to the way it was a long time ago, and your energy will rise and you'll start to feel better in yourself.

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It all starts with your diet

To have a successful Candida cleanse you must avoid all foods that feed fungus. There are a lot of them and they all contain sugar and refined carbohydrates. If you continue to eat foods that feed fungus than you'll never successfully cleanse your body. And if you're suffering from recurrent yeast infections you'll never cure them either.

Fungus breeds at a rapid rate, and if you're feeding it its favorite foods it will grow in numbers faster than you can kill it. You must starve it first so it can be killed a lot easier. Candida and weight gain go together quite often because fungus loves sugar, and when you have a lot of fungus in yoru body it causes sugar cravings.

Killing the fungus

Killing fungus needs to be done naturally. You can't start cleansing your body by taking any anti fungal drugs that will upset your body's natural chemical and bacterial balance. You need to use substances such as herbs that will work with your body in eliminating the fungus. They will help restore the chemical balance rather than hinder it.

Preventing future problems

The whole point of doing a Candida cleanse is so you don't have any problems later as in the fungus coming back, or more extreme symptoms such as Candida and depression. And to cleanse Candida naturally with the right program will do just that and also prevent yeast infections in the future. Leaving fungus in your body will just carry on breeding after the cleanse has finished.

You'll also need to restore the beneficial bacteria that you have in your body so they keep everything clean after you have done the cleanse.

Getting help from a Candida expert

Linda Allen's program will give you a complete body Candida cleanse because this isn't just a product you order on the internet. This is real knowledge that you can use for the rest of your life. It will get you out of bad eating habits and teach you about all aspects of life that are contributing to the Candida overgrowth in your body.

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Who might benefit from a Candida cleanse

If you've taken a lot of antibiotics in the past and suffer form more yeast infections than you should be then you could benefit from a Candida cleanse. Your body's natural defenses have been destroyed by the antibiotics, and the Candida fungus is breeding to much, and this is what is causing your infections. A yeast cleanse will kill all the fungus in your body, and it will also re-establish your beneficial bacteria levels so they can take control of the environment on your body again.

If you've enjoyed a diet that is high in sugar for a number of years then you will have been feeding the Candida yeast, and not giving you body the nutrition it needs to keep your immune system strong. Fungus loves sugar, and when you eat a lot of it you feed the fungus in your body. Sugar is the first food you must remove from your diet when you undergo a yeast cleanse. Even fruit needs to be avoided if you're suffering from fungal overgrowth because of the high natural sugar content.

Your health is important, isn't it?

WHen you treat your body to a Candida cleanse you're not only preventing more suffering from yeast infections, you're improving your health. All your good health starts from within your body so your inner body must be in balance. This start with your intestinal flora. Your health start with your digestion. If you suffer form poor digestion then everything that follows will also be poor.

Once you're digesting your food properly then your health improves all round. Your energy levels increase, and you feel younger. You start the day better, and you get more done as you're more focused.

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