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Candida And Weight Gain

Candida and weight gain are two common problems that go together often because Candida overgrowth causes sugar cravings, and this helps you to put on weight. Sugar is the Candida fungus' favorite food and this causes you to have cravings for it. Sugar cravings are just one symptoms of fungal overgrowth in your body.

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Candida and weight gain - why you are suffering

If you have a good idea that your suffering from a Candida infection then you've probably suffered from vaginal yeast infection in the past. If you have treated these with a cream prescribed to you by your doctor then you've only been treating the symptoms of your infection. An itchy vagina is just one symptom of an infection that is going on inside your whole body. Candida enters our bodies every day. You just need to stop it mutating into a fungus. Once you do that you'll be infection free, and your weight will go back to the way it was.

Candida cleanse

For your Candida and weight gain you need to completely cleanse your body of the Candida fungus. This tackles a lot more than just killing it with an anti fungal drug simply because the Candida is entering your body every day. You must kill the fungus and stop the Candida from mutating into more fungus.

What you also need to do stop eating all the foods that feed the fungus. This not only starves the fungus but it will help you lose weight. Once you're starving the fungus you can start strengthening your immune system as this is probably weak now. A weakened immune system means you can start suffering from any type of infection more often that you used too.

Sarah Summer's 7 step yeast infection cure

Linda Allen has been helping yeast infection sufferers for a few years now, over 100,000 sufferers have used her help and eliminated the fungus completely from their body. Your health will improve massively as every part of your body will be cleansed of this health destroying organism. Read what other people have said about Linda Allen at Yeast Infection Natural Cure.

Get well soon.

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