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Candida And Depression

Candida and depression are commonly together because of the effect of the Candida fungus in the human body. If you're suffering from Candida overgrowth and depression than you almost certainly have an intestinal yeast infection. The fungus feeds on the walls of the intestines until they become perforated, and then toxins are released into the bloodstream. This is when a lot of symptoms can occur, and one of them is depression.

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Candida and depression - why you are suffering

If you've been treating the yeast infection in your vagina with an anti fungal cream then the fungal overgrowth in your intestines has been going untreated. If you have been using oral anti fungals to kill internal yeast then you haven't been treating the cause of you infection. These drugs only kill fungus, they don't treat the cause of the infection. You need to stop the Candida from mutating into the fungus before you can treat your infection.

Whatever drugs you've been using have just made the fungus more aggressive because they haven't cured your infection so the fungus has mutated into a more aggressive strain every time it has been exposed to the drugs. This is what fungus does, and so does the Candida. Because the Candida has been exposed as well it mutates into more aggressive fungus.

Curing your depression

Once you have cured your intestinal Candida then your depression will also be cured. Your Candida nd depression are connected so they will both be cured at the same time. To cure your intestinal yeast you must stop the Candida from mutating while killing the fungus at the same time. All this needs to be done without taking any drugs so your natural bacterial and chemical balance are not effected.

You need top fully cleanse your body of fungus and all the toxins that are present, and you can't do that if you're taking drugs. The very drugs that have made your infection bad enough to cause the depression.

Getting help from a Candida expert

Linda Allen knows everything about Candida and depression. Linda was a one time chronic yeast infection sufferer who had to learn how to cure an infection that was being made worse by prescription drugs. Linda also talks about lots of other symptoms that you could be suffering from because of the fungus in your body.

Linda helps tens of thousands of sufferers every year with her extensive knowledge of the Candida fungus, and she can help you too.

For more information on how Linda Allen has helped tens of thousands of yeast infection sufferers cleanse Candida yeast from their bodies visit - Cleanse Candida Yeast.

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