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Will Monistat Burn If It’s Not A Yeast Infection

Will monistat burn if it’s not a yeast infection? Two things to take notice of here. One, if your Monistat is burning you, you must stop using it straight away and go back to your doctor. Monistat only burns if you’re having an allergic reaction to it so you need to stop applying it if this is the case. Your doctor will prescribe you another expensive anti fungal drug.

The second thing you must remember is, if you don’t have a yeast infection then you should not be using Monistat in the first place. This anti fungal cream or suppository is only used on yeast infections. If you’re not suffering from one then you are going to cause one, And when you have, it will be drug resistant, and then your doctor is going to have a have a hard time treating you. And the drug companies will love you while you spend a ton of money attempting to cure a drug resistant yeast infection.

If you don’t know what infection you have

If you don’t know what vaginal infection you have then you need to get a correct diagnosis before you attempt to treat yourself with any drugs. Just because you can purchase Monistat over the counter now, it doesn’t mean it’s safe, and you can use it any time you want to.

Also, if you have another vaginal infection that is going untreated then you’ll end up with two infections. If the original infection then needs a treatment that will aggravate your yeast infection you’ll be in discomfort for a very long time. Some women with drug resistant yeast infections end up being treated for months and even years.

Drug resistant yeast infection

If you did end up creating a drug resistant yeast infection you can still treat your infection with a natural cure. Linda Allen has helped thousands of women who have tried using drugs that have had no effect, or made their infection worse.

You can read some testimonials of the 98% of people that have had success with Linda’s help at Yeast Infection No More.

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Posted February 11th, 2011 in monistat.

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