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Will Diflucan Kill Yeast In Your Stomach

Will Diflucan kill yeast in your stomach? While diflucan will kill the yeast in your stomach, it will not cure an intestinal yeast infection. No oral anti fungal drug can cure an intestinal infection because of the way they effect the rest of your intestines.

Your beneficial bacteria

Your intestines have a colony of friendly bacteria that are there to keep infection causing bacteria and fungus under control. If you’re suffering from yeast in your digestive tract then your friendly bacteria are already low in numbers, and taking any anti fungal drugs will lower their numbers even further.

This means when you stop taking your medication the mutated Candida yeast will just re-infect you because you have no natural defenses to stop it returning. And when it does return it will come back stronger because of the exposure your body has had to the Diflucan.

Natural yeast cure

To cure an internal yeast infection you must do it naturally so that you treat your infection from every angle. Just killing the fungus is no good. You must strengthen your body’s natural defenses so that the infection won’t return. Because the nature of fungus your body must have its natural defenses working at full strength to prevent it from breeding in your intestines.

What you need to do

To successfully rid your intestines of the mutated Candida fungus you must…

  • Starve the yeast to weaken it
  • Kill the yeast
  • Repopulate your intestines with friendly bacteria
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Avoid ingesting anything that will feed the Candida fungus
  • Find out what has caused your infection so you can prevent it happening again

Doing all of the above is difficult on your own, and your doctor can’t help you either. Your doctor can only prescribe drugs, and there are no drugs that can cure an intestinal yeast infection. Prescription drugs are major causes of intestinal yeast.

Yeast infection expert

The help from a yeast infection expert can take months off of the time it takes to eliminate the fungus from your intestines. Just doing one thing wrong can put your progress back weeks, or even mean that you’ll never cure yourself. Fungus breeds so fast that anything that is allowing it to survive in your intestines will mean that you’ll never kill it all.

Sarah Summer has help thousands of men and women eliminate the mutated fungus from their intestines. Sarah knows exactly how the Candida fungus feeds and survives in your digestive tract, which makes Sarah very good at eliminating it.

You can read more about Sarah Summer’s yeast cure, and also read what other users have said here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Intestinal Yeast.

Posted December 3rd, 2008 in intestinal yeast infections.

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