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Why Yeast Infections Keep Recurring

There are many reasons why yeast infections keep recurring, and this blog post will talk about the most common reasons. What most women find surprising is that the reasons are nothing to do with their vagina, and this is why treating the yeast in your vagina is not curing your infection. Once you know the reason for your recurring yeast infections then you will be on your way to successfully treating yourself, either on your own or with professional help.

Antibiotics use

The most common reason for recurring Candida over growth is antibiotics. Antibiotics kill the friendly bacteria that you have living in your body. This bacteria keeps infection causing yeast and bacteria under control. Yeast infections start because we all have the Candida yeast living naturally in our body. When you no longer have enough friendly bacteria in your body to keep the yeast under control it will take over and grow in numbers.

When the yeast grows in numbers it will mutate into an aggressive fungus, and it’s this fungus that is causing your symptoms. The fungus is not only in your vagina but it is in your intestines as well which is why just treating the yeast infection in your vagina won’t work.

OTC yeast infections creams

Since yeast infection creams were available over the counter more women now suffer from chronic yeast infections because they are creating super yeasts that are getting exposed to these creams far too often. Some women will even use these anti fungal creams even when they don’t have a yeast infection. Doing this can cause a yeast infection because the yeast that lives naturally in their vagina will mutate to protect itself from the cream that is being applied.

Because these women don’t actually have a yeast infection the cream doesn’t get used for a specific amount of time, and the yeast that doesn’t get killed will become resistant to the treatment.

Resistant yeast

It’s not difficult to create a yeast infection that is resistant to an OTC yeast infection cream. Juts using it a couple of times here and there because you have an itch down below will create resistant yeast. Then when you really do have a yeast infection the cream you use will only make the yeast even stronger because it is already resistant so any more cream will cause the fungus to keep on mutating into an even stronger strain.

Underlying illness

Recurring yeast infections can be a sign of an underlying health condition. The most common is diabetes. But more serious illnesses like the HIV/AIDS virus can cause chronic yeast infections.

If you haven’t been to see your doctor yet, it’s a good idea to go so you can heave your health checked over for anything that can cause yeast infections.

Poor diet

A poor diet that is low in nutrition and high in sugar and refined carbohydrates can cause the overgrowth of fungus in your body. Fungus loves sugar, and it loves a body that is undernourished because a body that is under nourished will have a weakened immune system.

Your immune system relies on essential vitamins and minerals to function properly, so if you’re not eating foods rich in nutrients then your body becomes weak and can’t naturally fight off infections.

Getting expert help

If your doctor has been unable to treat your yeast infections it’s because they can only give you something that kills the fungus. Your doctor can’t give you anything that will prevent the yeast from mutating inside your body, only you can do that.

You can either do this on your own, or you can get expert help so your eliminate the yeast in the quickest time possible.

If you feel you need help then you can get it from a lady who has helped tens of thousand s of yeast infection sufferers world wide. That lady is Sarah Summer, and Sarah has been helping yeast infection sufferers for years with her natural treatment that strengthens all the body’s natural defenses, and prevents the yeast from mutating. That is the only way you you can stop recurring yeast infections.

You can read more information about how Sarah can help you here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Yeast Cure.

Posted December 28th, 2011 in Recurrent Yeast Infections.

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