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Why Does Your Body Make Yeast

Why does your body make yeast? This question has been asked on a few occasions so I’ll explain why your body makes yeast below.

We all have yeast

Candida Albicans is the yeast that causes yeast infections, and we all have this yeast living in our bodies and on our skin naturally. Your body will usually keep this harmless yeast under control with its friendly bacteria and a healthy immune system.

It’s when your friendly bacteria and healthy immune system are compromised in some way that the Candida yeast will be allowed to mutate, and then start causing problems.

Your symptoms

When the yeast mutates it turns into a fungus that starts causing the symptoms like a sore and itchy vagina. Your vagina isn’t the only place that can get infected by the mutated yeast but is usually the first place because the mutated yeast loves a warm moist environment to live in.

What the yeast does to you

Once the yeast has mutated it will grow hyphe ( hooks, tubes ) that help the yeast attach itself to the your skin. Once the yeast has attached itself it will burrow into your skin and start feeding off of your body’s cells. This damage to your cells is what causes the soreness and itching, and the deeper the fungus gets the harder it is to rif yourself of.

The underlying cause

Because there is a reason why your body makes the infection causing yeast means there is always am underlying cause to a yeast infection. Many men and women do not find out this cause and is the reason why they suffer from recurrent yeast infections.

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Posted March 30th, 2011 in yeast infections.

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