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Why Does Monistat Burn

Why does Monistat burn? The reason this anti fungal cream burns is, you’re having an allergic reaction to it. And if you’re having an allergic reaction you need to stop using it straight away, and go back and see your doctor for an alternative anti fungal drug.

Natural yogurt cure

If your miconazole cream is burning you, you can use a natural yogurt cure which is cheaper, and won’t create a resistant yeast infection or have any side effects.

All you need to do is dip a tampon ion some live, natural, sugar free yogurt and then insert the tampon as you would normally. Leave it in for a couple of hours and then remove it. You can do this morning and night until your symptoms disappear.

A live yogurt works by replenishing your vagina with the beneficial bacteria that it doesn’t have any more. This is the opposite to how an anti fungal cream works as they just kill the fungus. Your infection will only be cured if your vagina has enough beneficial bacteria in it to fight off any more infections.

If the treatment doesn’t work

If the yogurt yeast cure doesn’t work then you should go and see your doctor and make sure you do actually have a yeast infection.

You must also know that a vaginal yeast infection is just a symptom of fungal overgrowth that can be happening inside your body as well as outside. If you feel that is what is happening then you will need expert help to eliminate the fungus from your intestines.

You can read more information on eliminating intestinal yeast infections here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Intestinal Yeast Cure.

Posted June 19th, 2009 in monistat.

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