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Why Didn’t Miconazole Cure My Vaginal Yeast Infection

More women are now suffering from recurrent yeast infections because Miconazole didn’t cure their infection. Miconazole is the active ingredient in OTC anti fungal creams, and has been created to kill yeast that is infecting the vagina, and other external parts of the body. The trouble with yeast infection treatments like this is, they only kill yeast. They don’t treat the cause of the infections, and they can cause other problems which are explained below.

Treating the cause

If miconazole hasn’t cured your infection then there can be an underlying cause that hasn’t been treated first. It doesn’t matter how many times you apply an anti fungal cream to your infection, if your body is allowing the yeast to mutate into a fungus your infection will always return when you stop your treatment.

See your doctor

If your anti fungal medication hasn’t worked it’s important you see your doctor. If you haven’t already been to see your doctor ( a lot of women don’t ) then he/she will make sure you have actually been treating a yeast infection. If you have another bacterial infection in your vagina then miconazole will not cure it, but it will eliminate the symptoms while it’s being used.

Your doctor can also test you for anything that can cause recurrent yeast infections such as diabetes, or any immune weakening health conditions.

Resistant yeast

If you have used miconazole a lot in the past ( one brand name is Monistat ) then the yeast in your vagina could now be resistant. If you keep exposing bacteria and fungi to the same drugs all the time they eventually become resistant. This is a self-defense mechanism they have built in, and this is why we now have super bugs in hospitals.

Not using the creams correctly can also cause the yeast to become resistant. Some women use Monistat when they don’t have a yeast infection, and this can cause the harmless yeast that lives in all vaginas to mutate into a fungus. When it does mutate it will already be resistant because it was the cream that caused the yeast to mutate.

Your options

If an OTC anti fungal cream has failed to cure your infection you have two options left to treat yourself. You can go back to your doctor to get a prescription for a more powerful drug which is usually an oral anti fungal such as Diflucan, or you can treat your infection naturally.

If you use an oral drug you have the same problem with the cream as oral drugs only kill yeast, and don’t treat the infection from the root cause. A natural yeast infection cure will treat your infection from the cause, and it will strengthen all of your body’s natural defenses so the infection won’t come back.

The choice is yours. Natural Yeast Cure

Posted March 5th, 2009 in monistat.

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