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Vagina Is Burning After Using Monistat

If your vagina is burning after using Monistat then you need to go back and see your doctor as soon as possible. You’re experiencing an allergic reaction and you must stop using this powerful anti fungal cream, otherwise your symptoms are just going to get worse. You can’t carry on using the cream if it’s burning you, you need to use something else to cure your yeast infection.

Natural yeast infection cures

If you just have a vaginal yeast infection then their are natural cures that are far more effective than any anti fungal creams you can use. Natural, live yogurt is the perfect cure for your vaginal yeast infection. It replenishes the friendly bacteria in your vagina that have been lost, and these prevent the yeast from mutating into a fungus.

Bacterial balance in your vagina

You have a natural bacterial balance in your vagina that has become unbalanced. You now have too much yeast in your vagina compared to the good bacteria. The good bacteria keep the yeast under control and stop it from mutating. When the good bacteria are low then the yeast can do what it wants, and that usually means it gets aggressive and mutates into fungus.

It’s this fungus that is now feeding on the skin cells in your vagina, and causing your itching.

How to use your natural yogurt yeast cure

All you need to do to cure your yeast infection without your vagina burning is a box of tampons and some natural, live yogurt. You must make sure the yogurt is sugar free because any added sugar in the yogurt will just feed the fungus. So you get one of the tampons and dip it in the yogurt and then insert the tampon like you normally would. You just leave it in for a couple of hours and then remove it.

It’s important that you remove it after a couple of hours as it can make your symptoms worse.

You just need to repeat this morning and night until your infection is cured. The good thing about this cure is the fungus will not become resistant as the bacteria you’re putting into your vagina live there naturally. All it will do is fight off the yeast and fungus and then the bacterial balance in your vagina will be back to the way it was. And you’ll be infection free. If your infection keeps coming back then you’ll have to find out the cause of it before you’re able to cure it.

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Posted April 22nd, 2011 in monistat.

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