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Taking Diflucan And Monistat

Some women get so desperate to get rid of their chronic yeast infections they come up with the idea of taking diflucan and monistat at the same time. If you have already tried either one of these anti fungal treatments, or tried them both separately, taking them both together is only going to make your yeast infection worse. All that will happen is you will create a super yeast that is resistant to both of these medications, and will be harder to rid yourself of even with a natural cure.

These two medications cure a high percentage of yeast infections first time, but if you’re having trouble you need to find out why, and try a different approach to your treatment.

There’s a reason your yeast infection is recurrent

If your yeast infection is recurrent there is a reason for it, and to keep attacking the yeast with anti fungal drugs won’t work no matter how long you do it for. You need to discover the root cause of your infection first before any treatment will work.

See your doctor

If your yeast infections are chronic the first thing you must do is see your doctor. Your doctor can make sure you’re trying to cure a yeast infection, and not another vaginal infection, and you can also be checked over for an underlying illness that is causing your infections. Once you get the all clear on your health, and a correct diagnosis is given on your infection you can then choose how you want to treat yourself.

What you need in a treatment

You’re already in the position where no prescription or OTC anti fungal treatment is working because they only attack the yeast, and other parts of your body. To successfully cure your Candida overgrowth you must first find the cause of your infections, and start on your cure from there.

Natural yeast infection cure

If you choose to use a natural yeast infection cure you will be strengthening your body from the inside, and curing your infection from the inside as well. You’ll be…

  • Starting an anti Candida diet
  • Starving the Candida
  • Killing the Candida yeast in your entire body
  • Strengthening you immune system
  • Repopulating your body with friendly, infection fighting bacteria
  • Getting your health back

Proper guidance

To do all of the above you need proper guidance as one mistake in your treatment will prevent you from curing your infection. Sarah Summer is a Candida expert who has created an anti Candida program, and also offers you one to one support so you don’t make any mistakes when you’re completely eliminating the mutated Candida yeast from your body.

You can get more information on Sarah Summer’s anti Candida program here – Natural Cure For Yeast Infections.

You deserve to be yeast free, and you definitely don’t need to start creating super yeasts by taking Diflucan with Monistat.

Posted January 11th, 2012 in chronic yeast infections.

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