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Natural Cure For Yeast Infections

After months taking anti fungals for my yeast infection I was lucky enough to discover that the only way to cure myself was with a natural cure for my yeast infection.

How did I do it

After searching the internet for a drug ( I only thought drugs could cure me ) I was finding more information on natural cures for yeast infections. And more often natural cures were coming up for recurrent yeast infections and intestinal yeast infections. That’s what lead me to purchasing a product that would cure my yeast infection with products I could get locally.

I consider myself lucky in the fact that the first product I purchased worked, and it went beyond curing my vaginal yeast infection. All the other symptoms I was suffering from like a foggy brain, irritability and aching muscles went away as well. These were symptoms that I had no idea were to do with the Candida overgrowth I was suffering from.

Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast Infection

When I purchased Sarah Summer’s ebook I was so skeptical. I was at a point though where I had to try something else. It was something that was going against anything my doctor ever told me, and this just adding to my skepticism.

What I learnt from that ebook

What happened next was the last thing I ever expected. I was learning things about my yeast infection, that when mentioned to my doctor, were just being responded with a blank look and head shaking.

Sarah’s ebook first showed me why I was suffering from my recurrent yeast infections. That’s when I learnt why my doctor didn’t understand anything as my prescription medicines were part of the reason why I was suffering from the yeast infections in the first place.

Dietary changes

I needed to make the necessary dietary changes so I was no longer feeding the Candida yeast in my body. The worst part of this is Candida love every food you love. And part of this is due to the Candida causing food cravings.

I learnt how to starve and kill the Candida which is essential in ridding your body of this fungus.

I reversed the cell damage

Once my body’s cells started repairing themselves that’s when all my other symptoms associated with my intestinal yeast infection slowly disappeared. Over the next few months all my symptoms disappeared, and my health improved to point it hadn’t been for years.

Sarah can help you too

You can read more on how Sarah’s ebook has helped other yeast infection sufferers here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast Infection.

Posted May 11th, 2011 in sarah summer.

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