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My Yeast Infection Cream Is Burning

If your yeast infection cream is burning you then you’re suffering one of the many side effects of the active ingredient in OTC yeast infection treatments. Miconazole is the active anti fungal ingredient that is causing your burning which basically means you’re allergic to the cream, and need to stop using it right away. You may cause damage to the lining of your vagina if you continue using the cream or suppositories.

See your doctor

The next thing you need to do is return to your doctor. Your doctor can then recommend your next course of treatment, and your doctor will also give you a correct diagnosis if you haven’t had one already. Many women go out and buy OTC yeast infection treatments before they have a correct diagnosis, and end up treating another vaginal infection only for it to get worse.

If you are suffering an allergic reaction to creams you’ll probably be prescribed an oral anti fungal drug like Diflucan. These drugs break down the fungus just like a cream, but they’re a lot harsher on your body as your friendly bacteria can be killed by the treatment as well. It will then be up to you if you want to use the prescription or if you want to use your own cure.

Natural yeast infection treatment

Depending on the cause of your yeast infection ( if you know the cause ) you can use a simple, effective natural treatment. All you need to do is dip a tampon in some live, natural, sugar free yogurt, then insert the tampon as you normally would. After a couple of hours you can remove the tampon as leaving it in for too long can make your symptoms worse.

If your yeast infection has been caused by antibiotics use, or the overuse of antibiotics you may have to make more lifestyle changes to successfully rid your body of the Candida yeast. This will include diet changes to starve the yeast in your body.

Sarah Summer’s anti Candida program

I was suffering from serious Candida overgrowth in my intestines, and nothing was curing my chronic yeast infections until I tried Sarah Summer’s natural yeast infection cure. Sarah has extensive knowledge of the Candida yeast, and knowing exactly how it survives and how to rid yourself of it is important for a successful treatment.

Sarah also offers you one to one help if you ever need it, and she has a members only web site. Sarah practically holds your hand until you are cured and you completely have your health back.

You can read more information and what other customers have to say about Sarah’s program here – Sarah Summer’s Natural cure For Yeast infections. You will only need this program if you want your health to improve or the yogurt yeast cure doesn’t work.

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