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Monistat Coupns Advice

More women now search online for Monistat coupons. While they’re a good way of saving money, there’s a concern in why so many women would would want to save $3 on a tube on anti fungal cream. The only reason can be they’re using the cream a lot more often than they should be.

Resistant yeast

If you’re in a position where you’re using the cream to an extent that you need to start saving money with coupons then you’re going to end up with resistant yeast living in your vagina, and that’s only if you haven’t already.

To keep on using anti fungal cream to get relief from your vaginal burning and itching is not the way to treat your chronic yeast infections. You must find out why you’re getting the infections in the first place, and there’s always a reason why the Candida yeast is mutating in your body. Once you find the reason you’ll no longer need to keep using anti fungal creams to enjoy a comfortable day.

See your doctor for a check up

Seeing your doctor when you’re suffering from chronic yeast infections is very important. Your doctor can give your a health check to make sure that there is no obvious reason why you’re suffering from your infections.

Your doctor can also make sure you have self diagnosed your infection correctly. Many women self diagnose their infections and their diagnosis is incorrect. This means that they are continually using a yeast infection treatment on another infection. Anti fungal creams only treat yeast infections and will not cure any other vaginal infection.

They will give relief which makes women believe that they have a yeast infection, but as soon as the treatment stops their symptoms return. Treating another vaginal infection with anti fungal creams can also cause a yeast infection when you aren’t suffering from one.

Be careful

WHen using anti fungal creams such as Monistat you must be careful and use them as directed by a health professional. Just using them when you think you need to will just make your vaginal health very poor. Always use Monistat under the guidance of your doctor, and always complete the full course of treatment even if your symptoms disappear after a couple of days.

Posted January 19th, 2009 in monistat.

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