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Miconazole Cream Resistant Yeast Infections

Cream resistant yeast infections are becoming more popular as more women now keep on using these over the counter yeast cures without really understanding what a yeast infection actually is.

You’ve only been treating the symptoms of your yeast infection

The itching in your vagina is only one symptom of your yeast infection. You have fungus in other parts of your body as well, and this is why the OTC yeast cream you’ve been using isn’t curing your infection.

You have yeast in your body all the time

You have yeast living in your body all the time. It was there for years even before you started suffering from your infections. Your body usually keeps the yeast under control, but your natural defenses have been compromised, and now your body has lost that control. You need to get the control back so the yeast doesn’t keep causing you problems.

The yeast is harmless when your body keeps its numbers low, but when the yeast gets high in numbers and then takes over your body it mutates into a fungus so you’re actually suffering from a fungal infection.

Your intestines are infected as well

Because the yeast is now mutating all the time you also have the fungus in your intestines, and this is why treating your vaginal symptoms with a cream isn’t working. You need to stop the yeast mutating in your body before you can cure your yeast infections.

Getting expert help

Most resistant yeast infection sufferers get expert help so they can eliminate the fungus from their body as soon as possible. Sarah Summer has helped thousands of sufferers eliminate fungus from their body because she knows exactly how it survives in the human body. And this makes her very good at starving it and killing it.

You can read how Sarah Summer can start helping you from today here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Resistant Yeast Infections.

Posted June 17th, 2009 in monistat.

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