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If Your Yeast Infection Keeps Coming Back AKA Chronic Yeast Infections

If your yeast infection keeps coming back, then you’re not alone. 5% of women suffer from chronic yeast infections at some stage, and the good news is there’s always a reason for this period of a women’s life. Once you’ve discovered the reason you can successfully cure yourself, and relieve yourself of all your uncomfortable symptoms.

OTC yeast creams

The main problem with OTC yeast infection treatments is they only treat the symptoms of an infection. These creams never target the cause, and this can cause problems later because every time you expose the yeast in your vagina to the same cream or suppository the yeast becomes resistant, and then it becomes stronger.

Resistant yeast

More women now have resistant yeast living in their vagina because of the availability of anti fungal creams. These creams are getting used more often without the help of a doctor, and they are getting used too much, and in some cases, not for the right reasons.

The yeast in your vagina is a fungus that is feeding on the skin cells, and fungi have a built in defense mechanism that allows them to mutate into a stronger form if they are continually exposed to the same treatment that is trying to kill them. Once the yeast becomes resistant it becomes difficult to treat. In some cases a doctor can no longer help because any more drugs that are taken only make the yeast stronger.

Antibiotics use

Antibiotics are now the biggest cause of chronic yeast infections because of the effect they have on the human body. Antibiotics kill off the body’s natural defenses so the Candida Albicans yeast can easily mutate into an aggressive fungus that start causing your symptoms.

Antibiotics kill off your body’s friendly bacteria, and they also weaken your immune system. Both of these are needed to be at full strength to stop the Candida yeast mutating. We all have the Candida yeast living in us, but it is usually kept under control by our friendly bacteria and our immune system. Once these are weakened then the yeast can take control.

Illnesses and medical conditions

An underlying illness or medical condition can also be the cause of recurrent yeast infections. If you haven’t been to see your doctor yet then a visit to see them can rule anything out. The most popular health condition that causes chronic infections is diabetes, and in worst case scenarios the HIV/AIDS virus can also cause chronic infections.

Medications and drugs

Medications and drugs can cause yeast infections. As mentioned above, the most popular is antibiotics, but others that cause infections are the birth control pill and steroids. These play havoc with hormone levels and blood sugar levels.

Getting the correct help

Recurrent yeast infections can be very difficult to treat. You need to treat the infections from the root cause, and to do this you need to re-balance your body’s intestinal flora, and strengthen your immune system. This is the only way you can prevent the yeast from mutating.

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Recurrent yeast infections

Posted January 7th, 2012 in chronic yeast infections.

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