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If Your Yeast Infection Is Worse After Treatment

There are 3 good reasons why your yeast infection is worse after treatment, and they are explained below. For a lot of women a course of anti fungal cream doesn’t always cure their infection, and without the right help they can make their infection worse.

You might not have a yeast infection

If your yeast infection is worse after treatment there’s a possibility that you’re not suffering from one. A small percentage of women who self diagnose their infection do get it wrong, and that means that another infection has been treated with an anti fungal cream.

If you’re suffering from any vaginal infection it’s important that you see your doctor for a correct diagnosis so you can get the correct treatment on your infection as soon as possible.

Using a yeast infection cream when you don’t have a yeast infection can actually cause an infection, so if you was suffering from something else originally you could now have 2 infections.

You have resistant fungus in your vagina

Another reason why your yeast infection is worse after treatment is, you could have resistant fungus in your vagina. If you’ve used the same treatment before then the yeast and fungus in your vagina has already been exposed so it will have built up some resistance. This is a natural thing for fungus to do as it is a self defense mechanism that they have to protect them from the things that are killing them.

Too much exposure allows the fungus to get accustomed to the treatment so it eventually becomes useless.

Not using the treatment correctly can also create a resistant yeast infection. You’re suppose to use the treatment for a week, but a lot of women stop after a few days because their symptoms have disappeared. The symptoms of a yeast infection will disappear before the actual infection has been fully treated. If you stop the treatment too soon the infection will come back straight away, and the fungus will have mutated into a more aggressive strain that makes your infection worse.

Your body is allowing the yeast to mutate

The Candida yeast lives naturally in your body. If your body’s natural defenses are up to full strength then the yeast will not be able to mutate into a fungus. If your defenses have been compromised in some way then the yeast will grow in numbers, and then it will mutate into an infection causing fungus.

It won’t matter how many times you kill the fungus with a cream or oral drug, if your body can’t prevent the yeast from mutating then your infection will always come back. And because of the exposure to these anti fungal drugs, the infection will always come back worse.

Getting expert help

If your yeast infection is worse after treatment then you will need the help of an expert to help you get your body’s natural defenses back, and to help you discover the root cause of your infection.

Sarah Summer has helped tens of thousands of yeast infection sufferers treat their infections from the root cause so they don’t suffer from any more infections. All this is done naturally without the need for any drugs, as drugs upset the chemical balance in your body and vagina.

You can read more information on how Sarah Summer has helped these sufferers here – “>Sarah Summer’s Natural Yeast Cure.

Posted December 31st, 2011 in Recurrent Yeast Infections.

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