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How long for probiotics to start working

How long it will take your probiotics to work will depend on how you’re using them, and the quality of the probiotics you’re using are. Probiotics are the only product you can use to re-balance your intestinal flora so the yeast no longer have control of your body. This is is more the case in women who are suffering from chronic yeast infections. The time they take to start working is different for everyone. It will depend on the severity of your yeast overgrowth and the quality of the probiotics you’re using.

Probiotics strengthen your body’s natural defense against the Candida yeast. That’s your friendly bacteria population that you have living in and on your body. Once your friendly bacteria is unable to control the Candida then you’ll suffer from yeast infections.

We all have Candida in us

We all have Candida living in us so no one can completely eliminate from their body. All you can do is prevent it from mutating into an aggressive fungus. It’s the aggressive form that causes yeast infections.

Stomach acid kills cheap probiotics

The quality of your probiotics will have a major effect on the time it takes them to start working. Some cheap probiotics that you can buy in your local health store aren’t that good at all. They supply your body with friendly bacteria, but your stomach acid kills a high percentage of them off so not a lot of bacteria gets to the place where it can start working.

A good quality probiotic

If you want your probiotics to work then you have to go for quality. The most popular probiotic that is used by millions of people all over the world are Threelac and Fivelac. Threelac and Fivelac come in a micro-encapsulated powdered form. Because they are micro-encapsulated they are protected from your stomach acid so they survive their journey into your intestines so they can start fighting the Candida yeast.

Because they are in a powdered form you don’t have to worry about a capsule or pill dissolving, so you know they are already available to get on with their work.<

Candida die off

Candida die off is a stage in your healing that can make you feel your symptoms are getting worse. You can suffer from flu like symptoms such as headaches, muscle ache and mucous. If you suffer from this when you start taking the probiotics you know that they are working, and you’ve purchased a good quality probiotic.

Are your probiotics not working?

So many manufacturers will have you believe that they have a quality product, but if you’re probiotics aren’t working then it’s probably a good idea to try another brand. If what you’re using isn’t working then the yeast in your digestive tract will soon be perforating your the walls of your intestines, and then the yeast and its toxins will enter your bloodstream.

You can get Threelac probiotics here. They even deliver to Canada for about $5.

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