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How Long For Monistat To Work

How long for Monistat to work? Monistat should cure your infection in 7 days. This doesn’t matter whether you choose Monistat 1, 3 or 7, they all take a week to work.

Use the full course of treatment

You can’t not use the full course with Monistat 1, but with the other 2 you must finish of the full week of treatment. With these the symptoms can disappear in a couple of days, and then a lot of users stop using the treatment thinking that it has cured their infection already. It hasn’t, and when the infection returns it will have built up some resistance to the monistat.

Resistant yeast infection

If you start suffering from a resistant yeast infection you’ll soon be being prescribed more powerful drugs by your doctor that are taken orally. If you create ea resistant yeast infection with these, then you’re in trouble, and your doctor will no linger be able to help you.

Always use Monistat correctly, and never use it if you haven’t been correctly diagnosed with a yeast infection. If you have another infection, then the cream can actually cause a yeast infection.

Posted May 27th, 2009 in monistat.

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