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How Long Does Monistat Burn Last

How long does monistat burn last? If Monistat or any other anti fungal cream or suppository is burning you then you need to stop using it right away, and then go back to your doctor. Burning from any OTC yeast infection treatment is a side effect of the main active ingredient.


Miconazole is that active ingredient, and this is what some women have an allergic reaction to when they apply a cream or insert a suppository. Burning is not something that is suppose to happen when using these anti fungal treatments.

Damaged skin cells

If you continue to use the treatment while it is burning you ( many women do ) then you take the risk in damaging the lining of your vagina if the medication starts damaging your skin cells. This causes women to then start applying the treatment when they feel they can withstand the pain, and with this stop-start approach to yeast infection treatments they can create a resistant yeast infection.

Resistant Candida yeasts

If the cream is applied, and then it’s left a couple of days so the burning goes away, and then it’s applied again, and you follow this pattern the Candida will easily mutate to fight off teh treatment. In between each application of the OTC cream the yeast will not be killed, and it will mutate so it becomes stronger for the next time you apply the cream. After a while the cream becomes useless as a yeast infection cure, and you will need to go onto more powerful anti fungal drugs.

A simple natural cure

If you find that your OTC yeast infection treatment is burning you then you can try a simple, cheap, natural and effective treatment. All you do is dip a tampon in a live, natural, sugar free yogurt, and then insert the tampon as you would normally. Take the tampon out after a couple of hours as leaving it in too long can make your symptoms worse.

You can do this a couple of times a day until your yeast infection is cured. The Candida yeast can’t become resistant to the yogurt because the friendly bacteria in the yogurt live naturally in your vagina already. All you’re doing is strengthening the population of your vaginal, friendly bacteria.

If the yogurt doesn’t work then you will need to find out what is causing your yeast infections, and your doctor may be able to help you if it’s a health related issue.

Posted January 19th, 2008 in monistat.

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