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Frequent Yeast Infections After Your Period

Frequent yeast infections after your period are not uncommon. Many women experience a yeast infection every month due to the effect of a period on their body. The main reason why you’re suffering is because you’re not treating the cause of the infection so it is lying dormant and waiting for a weakness so it can strike. That weakness is when you have your period. Your hormones are all over the place, and this is having an effect on your immune system.

Treating your infection from the root cause

Like all types of fungal infections you must treat yours from the root cause. If you keep on treating the symptoms of your infection every month then you’re going to be doing it for a long time. You’ll also make the fungus in your body more aggressive as you keep on exposing the yeast to the drug you’re using.

Yeast mutates into fungus

The yeast in your body is mutating into fungus every month. The reason this is happening os because you have too much of it in your body, and it is not being kept under control by your body’s natural defenses. You’ve had the yeast in your body all your life, and it was kept under control by your body up until you started suffering from your infections.

Prevent your infections

So to cure your infections and prevent them from coming back after your period every month you need to stop the yeast from mutating. Your body needs a good cleanse of yeast and fungus, and your natural defenses need strengthening.

You can read more information about Sarah Summer who can help you put an end to your infections at Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure. While your body has too much yeast and fungus in it then you’ll always be unhealthy.

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Posted January 12th, 2012 in Frequent Yeast Infections.

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