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Does A Yeast Infection Come Back

Does a yeast infection come back? Only if you didn’t cure your infection from the root cause the last time you treated it. Or your yeast infection can come back if you have an underlying health condition. If you don’t have an underlying health condition or illness then there is no reason why your Candida should keep coming back. Your body should be more than capable of keeping yeast infections away for good once you have treated them correctly.

The root cause of your infection

You have yeast in your body that is mutating into fungus. If you treated your infection with an anti fungal cream or pill then you killed the fungus. That’s all these treatment can do, they can’t do anything else. What happens after you have treated your infection with any of this anti fungal drugs is what’s causing your yeast infection to come back. The Candida yeast in your body is mutating into more fungus, and that is because your body can no longer keep the Candida under control.

You’ve had the yeast in your body all your life, and the reason you haven’t constantly suffered from infections is because your body has the ability to keep the Candida under control. This prevented it from growing in numbers and mutating into fungus. So to cure your infection you must stop the Candida from mutating, you can’t keep on taking anti fungal drugs to kill the fungus otherwise you’ll end up creating a drug resistant yeast infection.

Creating drug resistant fungus

Creating a drug resistant fungus in your body is quite easy to do. All you need to do is keep on exposing the yeast and fungus to anti fungal drugs every time your infection comes back. While the drug companies would love you to keep on using anti fungal drugs every time they fail to cure your infection, your body is not going to take the punishment.

It won’t be long before you need to go to see your doctor to get even more powerful anti fungal drugs that are just going to give you the same results. And the reason for that is, these drugs won’t treat the cause of your infection either. If you don’t want your yeast infection to com back then you must start treating it at the source. So you must stop the yeast from mutating into fungus. If you don’t then you’ll be taking anti fungal drugs for the rest of your life.

Getting help

If you want to cure your infection in the quickest possible time, and completely eliminate the fungus from your whole body then visit Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure. You can read some information about a yeast infection expert who can help you cure your infection from today.

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Posted January 11th, 2012 in Frequent Yeast Infections.

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