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Using A Yeast Infection Cream When You Don’t Have A yeast Infection

Can you use a yeast infection cream when you don’t have a yeast infection? The simple answer to this is no. A yeast infection cream is only used if you have a fungal infection in your vagina. If you haven’t got an infection you shouldn’t be inserting anything into your vagina. And if you have another type of infection then you need to treat it with the correct treatment.

Using yeast infection cream as a preventative medicine

A lot of women think that using a yeast infection cream every now and then will prevent fungus from breeding in their vagina. This is not what will happen if you keep using the anti fungal creams in this way. Your vagina has a natural bacterial balance, and you already have Candida living in there. You also have beneficial bacteria that is keeping the Candida under control.

If you start inserting anti fungal creams into your vagina you will cause the Candida to mutate into a fungus. If this doesn’t happen when you do eventually get a yeast infection, the fungus will be resistant to the cream as the Candida will have had exposure to the drug.

If you have another vaginal infection

If you’re suffering from another vaginal infection then you could end up with that infection and a yeast infection if you attempt to treat it with an anti fungal cream. All vaginal infections require a different treatment, and you should only use them after a doctor’s diagnosis. So if you’re not sure what infection you have then you need to see your doctor as soon as possible as getting your own diagnosis wrong can lead to complications later.

Testing for a yeast infection

Using a yeast infection cream is no way to test that you have a yeast infection either. The cream can cure the symptoms of other infections but the infection will still be in your vagina. This means that it will carry on getting worse even though you have no symptoms while you’re using the cream.

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