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Can Douching Cause A Yeast Infection

Can douching cause a yeast infection? Vaginal douching can cause all types of infections. It is unnecessary and unhealthy, and it is something that all women should avoid doing. There is no reason why anyone should need to wash the inside of their vagina out. It doesn’t make it any cleaner, and you wash out what is in there to keep it healthy.

Friendly bacteria

You have friendly bacteria in your vagina that keeps it clean and healthy. When you douche you wash all the friendly bacteria out, and this can then start causing problems. Yeast and other bacteria will start populating your vagina at a faster rate, and you can start suffering from a yeast infection or another vaginal infection.

If you douche often and your vagina smells it’s because of the douching that your vagina now has an odor. You’re washing the good bacteria out, and the smell is caused by the bad bacteria that is populating your vagina after you have washed it out.

Your cervix and reproductive organs

If you douche when you have an infection you can push the yeast and bacteria that is causing your infection higher up into your cervix and near your reproductive organs. This can cause all kinds of problems, and has been known to leave women without the ability to have any more children.

Vaginal douching in now way keeps your vagina any cleaner than it already is, and if you vagina feels like it needs a clean then you’re probably suffering from some sort of infection. If you are, then you need to see your doctor to get it treated as soon as possible. You can’t keep on washing a smell out of your vagina without running into trouble later, they are all caused by bad bacteria.

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