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If You’re Suffering From A Yeast Infection And Back Pain

If you’re suffering from a yeast infection and back pain then it’s a good idea to go and see your doctor as soon as possible. Your health is important to you, and if you’re suffering from bacterial and fungal infections then your health definitely isn’t good. The reasons for needing to see your doctor are explained below.

Urinary tract infections

If you’re suffering from a vaginal; infection and back pain then that is a sign you could be suffering from a urinary tract infection. UTI’s spread to your kidneys, and this is what causes the back pain. Kidney infections can be dangerous, and in worst case scenarios can lead to serious illness or even death if they are not treated.

Getting a correct diagnosis

Seeing your doctor also gets you a correct diagnosis for your vaginal; infection. Some women just assume they have a yeast infection when they could be suffering from a urinary tract infection. Juts guessing at what infection you have from your symptoms is no way to diagnose what infection you are suffering from. Even a doctor wouldn’t do that, they always test the bacteria that is infecting you so they know exactly what you’re infected with.

Getting the diagnosis correct is the only way to get the correct treatment in the quickest time possible. When you’re suffering from a bacterial infection of the vagina it’s important that you treat the infection quickly to prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body.

You could be suffering from both

If your health is in a bad way then you could be suffering from both infections. If your immune system is weak, or your body’s natural bacterial balance is out of balance then you start suffering from any type of infection.

Antibiotics can do this especially if you’ve taken many courses of antibiotics in the past. Antibiotics kill friendly bacteria and they weaken the immune system.

Once you’ve seen your doctor you’ll know exactly what you’re suffering from, and then you can start treating yourself.

Natural UTI treatment

If you are suffering from both infections you will be prescribed antibiotics by your doctor so these will make your yeast infection worse. You can avoid taking antibiotics by using a natural UTI treatment. A natural UTI cure will work in 12 hours, and won’t make your yeast infection any worse.

You can read more about treating your urinary tract infection naturally here – Mary Jo Barton’s 12 Hour Natural UTI Cure.

If you want to cure your yeast infection naturally as well you can read about a natural remedy that has been successfully used by tens of thousands of women here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Antibiotics For Yeast Infections.

Neither of these infections are very nice so I hope you get well in the shortest possible time.

If You’re Suffering From A Yeast Infection With Lower Back Pain

Many women experience what they think is a yeast infection with lower back pain. Unless you know that you are actually suffering from a yeast infection then the infection could be something else.

See your doctor as soon as possible

If you haven’t seen your doctor for a correct diagnosis of your infection it’s a good idea to see them as soon as possible. Lower back pain is usually a symptom of a urinary tract infection, and not a yeast infection.

Urinary tract infections will infect the kidneys, and this is where the lower back pain comes from. If you don’t treat a urinary tract infection in time then you can end up in hospital having antibiotics fed to you on a drip.

Many women self diagnose their vaginal infection because of the embarrassment of seeing their doctor, but that visit to their doctor could prevent something serious happening to their health.

You could be suffering from both

If your body is not in a very healthy state then you could be suffering from a yeast infection and a UTI. This could happen if your immune system is weak or you have taken a lot of antibiotics in the past.

Antibiotics kill your friendly bacteria which makes them the biggest cause of yeast infections. Killing your friendly bacteria can also cause urinary tract infections as they help to keep the E coli out of your urethra as well.

Prescription drugs

If you are suffering from both infections your doctor will prescribe you antibiotics for the UTI, and anti fungal cream for the yeast infection. The antibiotics are going to make your yeast infection worse, and while this is happening the fungus could become resistant to the cream that has been prescribed.

Until you get your health back to a good state you’re going to suffer from chronic infections that are always going to need prescription drugs from your doctor. None of these drugs will make your health better, they will just kill the bacteria causing the infections. They don’t prevent the infections from coming back, only your body can do this.

Natural cures

If you want to try the drug approach first I won’t tell you to refuse the advice of your doctor. If you find the drugs are not working, and they’re making things worse you can easily treat your infection naturally. The two most popular and successful natural treatments for the two infections mentioned are…

Both of these women have helped thousands of sufferers cure them selves without drugs, and helped them strengthen their immunity against these infections so they don’t suffer from them again.