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Diflucan Is Not Curing My Yeast Infection

Many women get to the stage in their yeast infection where they say, diflucan is not curing my yeast infection. To be in the position where you need to start taking oral anti fungal drugs to kill your Candida overgrowth you will already have a very aggressive form of fungus infecting you. It will already be resistant to creams and suppositories so another drug is not going to be as effective as it could be.

The Candida has already learned how to mutate, and if your yeast infection was first caused by antibiotics use then it will already be able to fight anti bacterial and anti fungal drugs.

Diflucan online

Diflucan is a brand name for an anti fungal drug called Fluconazole. It is a prescription drug that is easily available online so if you’ve used it without the guidance of your doctor or health practitioner you may have created a super yeast if you haven’t used the drug correctly.

Do you know the cause of your yeast infection

Without knowing the cause of your yeast infection no cure will work. For the Fluconazole to fail to cure your yeast infection first time there will have been a reason that your infection came back. If you have taken courses of antibiotics in the past then your body’s friendly bacteria may have been low already, and the Fluconazole will have made this worse so the yeast can easily come back when you have no friendly bacteria in your system to fight it off.

See your doctor

If you have been getting your diflucan online without your doctor’s guidance it will be very beneficial for your health to go and see your doctor. Another reason why diflucan doesn’t work on some women is they don’t have a yeast infection, and they’re attempting to cure another vaginal infection with the wrong treatment. This will not only fail to cure their real infection, but it will causes chronic yeast infections due to the yeast mutating with every course of drugs that is taken.

If you have another vaginal infection that isn’t being treated correctly then without your doctor’s help you can cause permanent damage to your reproductive organs if the infection spreads. Only your doctor can tell you what infection you have, and there are no home tests that can replace your doctor’s diagnosis.

A natural yeast infection cure

If you know you definitely are suffering from a yeast infection, and no treatment is working then you can get the guidance from a Candida expert. Sarah Summer is an expert, and has years of experience with the Candida yeast. Sarah Summer has helped yeast infection sufferers from all over the world rid their bodies of the Candida yeast, and helped them keep it away for good.

Sarah helped me rid my body of the Candida yeast, and she can do the same for you. You can read more about Sarah’s natural yeast infection cure here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Resistant Yeast Infections.