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Yeast Infection Won’t Go Away

If your yeast infection won’t go away, you’re not alone. This happens to five percent of women at some stage in their life, and the reason is, you’re treating your infection from the root cause. All you’re doing at the moment is treating the external itching which is only a symptom of a bigger infection on the inside of your body. Once you start treating your infection from the cause you’ll soon stop your symptoms and your good health will return along with your happiness.

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Your internal health

Your internal health relies on your intestinal flora, and this is made up of good bacteria, bad bacteria and yeasts. When the numbers of good bacteria are low then the bad bacteria and yeasts are not kept under control like they were. This means that they will multiply in numbers, and then they start causing problems.

The Candida yeast will mutate into an aggressive fungus that starts feeding on your body. The itching you’re experiencing in your vagina is the result of the fungus feeding on your skin cells. This feeding that the fungus enjoys also goes on in your intestines, and that why your yeast infection won’t go away. When you kill the fungus in your vagina with an anti fungal cream you leave the fungus in your intestines untreated. It will always find a way back to your vagina.

If you’ve been using oral anti fungal drugs such as Fluconazole then you have been killing the fungus in your intestines, but the drug doesn’t prevent the Candida yeast mutating into more fungus when you stop your treatment.

Your body acid alkaline balance

Your body has a PH balance that should be neutral. If it gets too acidic it will be in the favor of the Candida yeast and fungus. Taking oral drugs effects this balance, and the creams you use in your vagina effect the acid levels there. So to cleanse your body of fungus you need to stay away from any drugs unless you have been prescribed them for another health condition. A natural alternative to Fluconazole is an option for you if you’ve been wasting money on it.

What you need to do

To cure your yeast infections that won’t go away you need to cleanse your body or the Candida fungus, and strengthen your body’s natural defenses so that you prevent the Candida from mutating into more fungus. This is the only way to stop your infections. Even if you managed to cure your infection any other way you will still leave the underlying problem of mutating Candida. It would only be a matter of time before you started feeling your symptoms again.

Almost all recurrent yeast infection sufferers use the help of an expert to cleanse their body of the Candida fungus. It can make the difference of suffering for a short amount of time, or trying to cure your infection yourself for the next year or so.

You can get help from today from Sarah Summer who has helped tens of thousands of sufferers over the last few years. You can read more about Sarah’s natural yeast cure here Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast.

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Causes Of Recurring Yeast Infections

There are a few causes of recurring yeast infections, and the good news is, once you have discovered the cause of your chronic Candida you’ll soon be symptoms free, and you’ll be able to get your health back to the way it once was. If you haven’t been feeling yourself lately it’s because you have fungal overgrowth going on inside your body as well as in your vagina. Once you start treating your yeast infection from the cause you’ll eliminate the fungus from your body.

Antibiotics use

Antibiotics use is the biggest cause of recurring yeast infections. While it’s good for treating bacterial infections, it also kills friendly bacteria, and weakens the body’s immune system. These are both needed to protect you from Candida overgrowth.

Because the Candida lives in you all the time you’re being protected all the time. And you’re being protected by friendly bacteria, and these keep the Candida under control. Once they have been killed off by the antibiotics then the Candida is allowed to grow in numbers, and then it mutates. It mutates into an aggressive fungus that causes your symptoms.

To treat yeast infections that have been caused by antibiotics you need to re-establish your colony of friendly bacteria in your body and kill the fungus. It’s important to treat recurrent yeast infections from the root cause so you completely eliminate the fungus from your body.

Underlying health issue

An underlying health condition such as Diabetes is another cause of recurring yeast infections, and it’s important that you see your doctor to rule anything out if you suffer from chronic Candida.

Your doctor can check your health over, and al;so make sure you do actually have a yeast infection. Many women think they are suffering from recurrent Candida and they have another infection that is not being treated correctly.

Treating recurring yeast infections

WHen you treat your recurrent infections it’s important that you treat the infection from the root cause. If you have been using anti fungal drugs then you should know by now that just killing the fungus with drugs is not the answer.

You have to stop the Candida from mutating, and to do this you must start an anti Candida protocol that will starve the Candida and fungus. This makes it easier to kill, and then you can re-establish your friendly bacteria colony.

Sarah Summer has helped tens of thousands of sufferers over the last few years. Sarah was a one time Chronic Candida sufferer who learnt how to cure an infection that her doctor’s were making worse with the continual use of anti fungal drugs.

You can read how sarah has helped some of these sufferers here – Sarah Sumner’s Natural Yeast Infection Treatment.

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