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Can You Use Monistat While Taking Antibiotics

Can you use Monistat while on antibiotics? You can, but if you’re using it at an attempt to prevent a yeast infection then you’re probably going to cause a drug resistant fungal infection. While creams that contain Miconazole are use to kill fungus they don’t in any way prevent a yeast infection. If you want to do that then you have to strengthen your body’s natural defenses so that the antibiotics can no longer cause a yeast infection.

If antibiotics are causing a yeast infection in you every time you take them then your body’s natural defenses are already weak. And you probably haven’t cured the last yeast infection you had properly so it is lying dormant waiting for something to trigger it off again. If you’re healthy there is no reason why you would even consider using Miconazole to prevent a yeast infection while you’re taking antibiotics.

Strengthen your body’s natural defenses with a Candida cleanse

If you want to prevent yeast infections after taking antibiotics, now, and in the future then you need to give your body a thorough Candida cleanse. That way your body will naturally be able to prevent a yeast infection on it’s own, and the need for anti fungal drugs is eliminated. You can learn how to cleanse your body of fungus by visiting Natural Yeast Cure where you’ll join the thousands of sufferers who are now fungal infection free, and will stay that way because of what they have learnt about their infections.

The Candida in your body

Why antibiotics cause yeast infections

When you take a course of antibiotics to cure a bacterial infection they don’t only kill the bacteria causing your infection, they also kill friendly bacteria. These friendly bacteria are keeping the Candida yeast under control so when they are killed off then the Candida can start growing in numbers.

When it gets too high in numbers it will mutate into a fungus, and it’s that fungus that is causing your infection. So when you use an anti fungal cream and you kill the fungus in your vagina, once your treatment has finished the Candida in your body will start mutating again because the friendly bacteria is still not keeping it under control.

To suffer from yeast infection every time you’re taking antibiotics means your body’s natural defenses are not as strong as they could be. Most people that take a course of antibiotics don’t suffer from a yeast infection because they have sufficient amounts of friendly bacteria in their body, and their immune system is strong. If you’ve taken a lot of antibiotics in the past then this can make your immune system weak.

Preventing yeast infections

So for you to prevent yeast infections in the future you must strengthen your body’s natural defenses and give yourself a Candida cleanse. Your body has too much Candida in it already, and the course of antibiotics is tipping that balance in the Candida’s favor, and this is why you suffer from an infection afterwards.

As mentioned above, Sarah Summer has helped thousands of sufferers eliminate fungus from their body, and kept their infections away for good. You can read what these people have said at Natural Yeast Cure.

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Long Term Miconazole Yeast Infection Cream Use

Long term miconazole yeast infection cream use is not something any women should get involved in. These anti fungal creams are only suppose to used once. If you keep on exposing the fungus in your vagina to these creams then you’re only going to create a miconazole resistant yeast infection.

Treat your yeast infection from the cause

Over the counter yeast infection creams are only designed to treat the cause of your fungal infection. The fungus in your vagina isn’t the actual infection, the infection is in your whole body. The only reason you get symptoms such as itching in your vagina is because the fungus love to live in warm moist place.

To successfully treat your yeast infection your body has to stop the yeast mutating into a fungus. Yeast lives in your body naturally, and you haven’t suffered from a yeast infection most of your life because the yeast has been kept under control by your body. The reason you’re suffering with a yeast infection now is because your body has lost that control it had.

Getting the help you need so you can stop your miconazole long term use

Your miconazole use won’t have any effect on the fungus in your body, but it will cause a drug resistant fungus in your vagina. Your body doesn’t need any drugs to cure fungal infections, it can do the job on it’s own once you strengthen your body’s natural defenses.

Sarah Summer can help you strengthen those defenses, and you can read more about how Sarah Summer can help you here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Yeast Infection cure.