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How To Cure A Yeast Infection In Your Stomach

How do you get rid of a yeast infection in your stomach? Although sometimes known as a yeast infection in the stomach the yeast infection is really in your entire digestive tract, and this type of yeast infection requires a complete change in lifestyle to cure. It’s not like a vaginal yeast infection where you apply some cream and in a week its cured, you have to do a number of things to rid your intestines of the mutated Candida.

Find the cause of your Candida overgrowth

The first thing to do is discover the cause of your Candida overgrowth. This is the first step to curing your yeast infection as without knowing this no cure will work. The cause may have even gone, especially if it was a course of antibiotics so you can now work on the cure.

Starving the Candida

To eliminate the Candida from your intestines you must first starve the Candida so it’s easier to kill. You will never cure a stomach/intestinal yeast infection while you continue to feed the yeast with a diet that the Candida yeast loves. Knowing what feeds the Candida, and what foods you can eat safely are important.

Killing the Candida

Once you are starving the Candida you can start killing them with natural anti fungals. Natural anti fungals are a lot easier on your system than anti fungal drugs, and natural anti fungal don’t upset your body’s bacterial and chemical balance like drugs do.

Repopulate your intestines with friendly bacteria

When you are killing the yeast you will at the same time start repopulating your intestines with friendly bacteria. These friendly bacteria will help you naturally fight of the Candida, they will strengthen your immune system and they will also help you digest food better.

Expert help

To do all of the above it’s best to get expert help as this is no easy task. It’s easy to make mistakes that can send your progress backwards. Sarah Summer is one of the most knowledgeable people on the subject of the Candida yeast you’ll find. She has helped tens of thousands of yeast infection sufferers worldwide rid their bodies of the Candida overgrowth. She knows how it lives, and what it can do to you if it’s not successfully treated.

Sarah has extensive knowledge on the foods that feed the Candida, and the safe foods you can eat in order to starve the yeast as well as herbal anti fungals that you can use to kill the yeast.

Apart from her knowledge Sarah Summer will also give you one to one support if you need it. Sarah will answer any of your questions if you have any that aren’t answered in her anti Candida program.

You can read more information on Sarah’s program here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast Infections.

What Does Yeast Do To Your Body

What does yeast do to your body? Well, for most women the first thing that the Candida yeast does is give them an itchy, sore vagina. This happens for a reason as well as all your other symptoms, and they are explained below.

Yeast infections love your body

Yeast infections love your body { mainly your skin cells ) so much that they will feed on them, and feed on them quickly. This feeding is what creates your symptoms. It’s not just some minor irritation that could go away after a few days, this is a proper frenzy that if left, will get out of control very easily and quickly. When the Candida yeast starts feeding it will burrow it’s way deeper into your skin in search of fresh skin cells to feed on. They will then be getting near the point where conventional yeast infection treatments will struggle to clear the whole infection.

Recurrent yeast infections

When the Candida yeast gets to deep for OTC creams your yeast infection can and will become recurrent. The yeast will also become resistant to the cream as the surviving yeast mutates into a stronger yeast that will fight off the next treatment you apply. If you go to see your doctor when your anti fungal cream no longer works you will be prescribed a stronger cream or an oral anti fungal drug. This can lead to you unitentionaly creating a super yeast that becomes resistant to many forms of anti fungal treatments, and makes future infections difficult to cure.

Yeast in your intestines

If you have Candida overgrowth in your intestines then they feed on the cells of the walls of your intestines. When this type of internal yeast infection isn’t treated correctly the yeast eventually perforate your intestines, and then toxins and food particles enter your bloodstream as well as a few nutrients from your digested food.

Once the toxins and food particles enter your bloodstream you start suffering from other symptoms that effect your…

  • Energy levels
  • Your moods
  • Your muscles and joints
  • Your concentration and mental strength
  • Your tolerance to other infections

What you can do

If you’re suffering from your first vaginal infection then you should go and see your doctor for a correct diagnosis, and get your treatment started as soon as possible. If you have tried other treatments, and they haven’t worked or you would like to cure your yeast infection naturally then I would only recommend Sarah Summer’s Natural cure For Yeast infections.

Sarah knows everything about the Candida yeast, and what it can do to your body. Sarah will teach you how it lives and feeds, and how you can rid your body of this destructive fungus for good.

Sarah Summer is a health writer as well as a Candida expert and you can read more about her anti Candida program, and read more customer testimonials here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast Infections.

Don’t waste time searching the internet for natural treatments that won’t cure your yeast infection. Sarah Summer is well known for her program.

Get yeast free very soon, and get your health back. I have, you can too.