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Why Do Yeast Infections Cause Depression

Many sufferers of yeast infections will end up suffering from other symptoms such as depression. The reason is the fact that a yeast infection isn’t just in your vagina. If you’re suffering from a yeast infection then you will have the yeast in your intestines as well, and this is where the trouble starts, and so do your other symptoms.

Yeast in your intestines

Once the yeast in your intestines starts mutating into an aggressive fungus it will start effecting the way your body works. First, your digestion will be impaired because the overgrowth of fungus means that your beneficial bacteria is low. Once your beneficial bacteria is low then you can’t digest your food properly so you start missing out on vital nutrients.

What else does the fungus feed on

When the fungus starts getting stronger from the food your eating it will also start feeding on the walls of your intestines. Once this happens they will eventually perforate your intestines, and then the toxins from the fungus will enter your blood stream. The toxins in your blood will start effecting the way your liver works because the toxins will put it under more strain.

When these toxins hit your brain they cause…

  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Concentration problems
  • Foggy brain

Depression is just one of many symptoms that the overgrowth of mutated yeast cause. The fungus that the yeast mutates into is a health destroying organism that is effecting more men and women all the time. The worst part about this fungus is, there isn’t anything your doctor can give you that will stop it from breeding in your intestines. Only your body can do that with it’s natural defenses.

Preventing the overgrowth of fungus in your intestines

To stop and then prevent the overgrowth of fungus in your intestines requires expert help. Doing this means lifestyle and diet changes so you don’t do anything that will encourage the yeast to continue to mutate.

Sarah Summer is a yeast infection expert who has helped tens of thousands of men and women stop the overgrowth of fungus in their body. Sarah knows how the fungus lives in your body which makes her very good at eliminating it. You can read more information about Sarah Summer and her natural yeast infection treatment here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Yeast INfection Cure.