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Constant Yeast Infection Treatment

You’re probably looking for a constant yeast infection treatment because the one you’re using now, is either not doing anything, or making your yeast infection worse. The reason why the treatment you’re using on your constant yeast infections is not working is because it is only treating the symptoms of your infection. What you need to do is start treating the cause of your fungal overgrowth and then you’ll be on your way to being permanently free of your symptoms and the fungus in your body.

Why the treatment you’re using is not working

Like most frequent yeast infection sufferers you’re using anti fungal drugs in an attempt to cure yourself. While these creams and pills are the best thing you can use in the fight against fungus in your body, they do not treat the cause of your infection. You have yeast in your body that is multiplying and mutating into fungus, and you need to stop it from mutating if you want to cure your infection.

Only your body has the ability to stop the yeast mutating, no drug in the world can do that for you. You have natural defenses that have been preventing the yeast from mutating all your life. For some reason they have become weak, and you have encouraged the yeast and fungus to grow in your body. So now you have an environment in your body the the yeast and fungus are enjoying, and you need to create an environment that they struggle to survive in.

What you mustn’t do is keep on taking anti fungal drugs thinking they will create an environment that the yeast and fungus can’t survive in. While these drugs kill the fungus they actually create an environment that the yeast and fungus likes. The creams cause an acidic environment in your vagina which favors the fungus, and the oral pills upset the chemical balance in your body, and this also favors the fungus.

Treating your constant yeast infections

To treat you constant fungal infections you need to start at the cause. You must starve the yeast and fungus so that you can kill them off a lot easier, and this will also allow your body’s natural defenses a better chance of getting stronger. If these don’t get stronger then your infection will just keep on coming back just like it is at the moment.

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