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Taking Fluconazole When On Antibiotics

Many women think about taking Fluconazole when they are taking antibiotics because they think they the fluconazole will repair the damage that the antibiotics have done. This is not what happens. All that will happen is you’ll just alleviate the symptoms of the infection that is caused by the antibiotics.

Recurrent yeast infections

Most women that are looking to see if this will work have already suffered from a yeast infection after taking antibiotics in the past. And if this is happening then there is something wrong with the sufferers natural defenses, and it shouldn’t be happening. No one should be getting a fungal infection after taking antibiotics, and you definitely shouldn’t be relying on one drug to mask the side effects of another one. You have to stop this at the cause otherwise you’ll be taking more and more drugs to combat the side effects of the last lot you took.

Taking Fluconazole will only kill the fungus. It will not in any way strengthen your body’s natural defenses so that you don’t keep on getting yeast infections when you’re taking antibiotics. You need to strengthen your body’s natural defenses. And when you have done that then you won’t need to take any more anti fungal drugs when you take another course of antibiotics.

If you strengthen your body’s natural defenses well enough then you could put your body in a condition where it doesn’t need to keep on taking antibiotics either. Your body could gain the ability to deal with it on its own. But that will depend on what you need to take the antibiotics for. :)

Strengthening your body’s natural defenses

You need to start taking more care of you internal health. You have good bacteria in your body that looks after you, but that is low in numbers at the moment. That’s why you’re getting a yeast infection when you take antibiotics. Because they are killing off what little good bacteria you have left. And then the naturally occurring Candida is growing in numbers and mutating into an aggressive fungus.

Eating more live yogurts or taking a probiotic supplement will help you replenish the good bacteria in your body. You will then have the internal strength needed to prevent yeast infections and all other types of infections that you may be suffering from. You will no longer need to rely on Fluconazole when you take another course of antibiotics.

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Preventing A Yeast Infection After Taking Antibiotics

Preventing a yeast infection after a course of antibiotics can be a regular thing for some people. If you’re continually taking antibiotics on a regular basis then you have a high chance of getting regular yeast infections.

What antibiotics do to you that causes yeast infections

Antibiotics are very good at what they are intended fro, and that killing bacteria. The problem is they kill friendly bacteria as well. The friendly bacteria that live in your intestines are there to keep bad bacteria and the Candida yeast under control.

When your friendly bacteria is killed off the Candida yeast that lives harmlessly in all of us is allowed to mutate into an aggressive fungus. This is when your symptoms start.</

Take probiotics

When you’ve finished your course of antibiotics you should start taking probiotics as soon as possible. A good quality probiotic that does the job it’s suppose to is Threelac. Threelac is a powdered probiotic that is micro-encapsulated so it can survive the journey through your digestive tract.

Once the friendly bacteria is in your intestines it can start controlling the Candida yeast before it starts to mutate.

Your diet

Eating a diet that is high in nutrition will help strengthen your immune system, and a strong immune system will also prevent the Candida from mutating. Avoiding poor quality food will also prevent the Candida from feeding so much in your intestines Candida has a sweet tooth and loves all the foods that contain sugar, so avoiding these will help starve the the yeast.

If you’re already suffering

If you’re already suffering from yeast overgrowth due to taking antibiotics you can reverse the damage the antibiotics have done with some help. That help can come from Sarah Summer who has helped thousands of yeast infection sufferers reverse the effects of antibiotics on their body.

You can read more about how Sarah Summer has helped these sufferers here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Yeast Cure.