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Yeast Infection from Antacids

A yeast infection from antacids is possible because they neutralize the acid in your stomach that kills bacteria and yeast in the food that you eat. So if you’re regularly taking antacids then your stomach is not killing the yeasts that you swallow, and then they are multiplying in your digestive tract. Soon after they will start mutating into fungus and then you’re soon suffering from the symptoms of a yeast infection.

Intestinal yeast

So now you have yeast entering your body that isn’t getting killed, and it is mutating in your digestives tract, you now have an internal yeast infection as well as a vaginal one. So you must now treat the infection in your digestive tract as well as the one in your vagina. If you keep on taking antacids though, you’ll never cure your intestinal yeast infection because you’ll always have the fungus entering your digestive tract.

We all have yeast entering us every day but most of it is killed off by our stomach acid, and what doesn’t get killed is kept under control by the friendly bacteria we have in our body. Because you have so much yeast surviving it is outnumbering the beneficial bacteria, and then it is able to mutate into a fungus.

Natural heartburn relief

If you do suffer form a lot of heartburn then you need to start treating it naturally instead of just continuously neutralizing the aid in your stomach. Although these tablets or liquids are giving you relief, not all heartburn problems are caused by too much stomach acid. Some is because you don’t have enough, and this stops the sphincter at the top of your stomach from closing, and then you get food and acid spit up into your esophagus.

What you need to do is stimulate your digestion, and learn more about the foods that you’re eating so you can start avoiding foods that are upsetting your digestion. You can also purchase Betaine HCL capsules online or from your local health food store. These actually put more acid in your stomach so that your stomach starts killing the yeast as it enters your body.

YEast infection help

To cure your yeast infection you must eliminate the fungus from your whole body. Because the fungus is now in your digestive tract, and you have yeast mutating into fungus you must do a complete cleanse so that you kill all the fungus, and then prevent the yeast from mutating into more fungus.

Sarah Summer has helped over 100,000 people remove fungus from their entire body, and helped them strengthen their body’s natural defenses so that the yeast can no longer mutate. Sarah Can be helping you in the next 20 minutes at Natural Yeast Cure.

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