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Candida And Obesity

Candida and obesity go together more often than a lot of Candida overgrowth sufferers realize. Candida overgrowth causes sugar cravings, and these, if you’re unaware of them, will cause you to put on weight.

Feeding the Candida

The mutated Candida Albicans yeast loves sugar, and this is what causes your cravings. When you eat the sugar or sugar based foods the Candida in your intestines will feed on it. This means that you get less sugar than your body needs, and causes you to eat more. As you eat more you put on weight, and the Candida multiplies causing more cravings. It’s a viscious cycle that needs to stop before you can get your good health back.

Starving the Candida

To cut down on your Candida and obesity you need to start starving the Candida. This is the only way you will eliminate it from your body,ll and doing this will cut out your sugar cravings, and then you’ll lose weight. Just starving the Candida will have a dramatic impact on your health and your weight.

Killing the Candida

Once you’re starving the Candida with your new healthy diet you can start killing the yeast with anti fungals. If you carry on feeding the Candida with your usual diet that is filled with foods containing sugar you will never kill the Candida yeast. It will multiply faster than you can kill it.

Expert help will be needed

If you are suffering from Candida and obesity, and are suffering from severe sugar cravings then you’ll definitely need expert help from someone who can give you one-to-one email support if you ever need it. Any mistakes in your program could potentially send your progress backwards.

Sarah Summer has an anti Candida program, and you get the one-to-one support you need for less than $30. Just half an hour with a naturopath would cost that, and you wouldn’t come away with anywhere near as much information as what Sarah Summer can give you.

Sarah has helped thousands of yeast infection sufferers in your position, and she has become a leader in her field of expertise which is the Candida yeast. Sarah knows exactly how it survives and behaves, and you’ll be helped to completely eliminate the mutated yeast from your body. You’ll lose weight, have more energy and feel younger.

Candida and obesity cure

You can read more about Sarah’s anti Candida program, and also read what other sufferers testimonials here – Sarah Summer’s Anti Candida Program.

Posted January 11th, 2012 in Candida.

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