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Bloated By A Yeast Infection

If you’re bloated by a yeast infection then you can guarantee that you now have fungus in your intestines as well as in and around your vagina. Your body is now the perfect host for fungus and you must start treating your infection from the root cause if you want to cure it permanently. If you keep on using anti-fungal drugs then you’re just going to make the fungus a lot more aggressive.

Chronic yeast infections

If you’re now suffering from chronic yeast infections that’s because all you have been doing is killing the fungus. And if you’re like most sufferers then you have only been killing the fungus in your vagina while your internal infection has gone untreated. And on top of that you have Candida yeast living naturally in your body that mutates into more fungus when you have killed the last lot off.

And when the next lot of fungus starts feeding on your skin cells it will have been exposed to the cream you’re using so it slowly gets resistant and gets more aggressive. And this causes your symptoms to get a lot worse.

Your internal yeast infection

Your internal infection is going to get a lot worse until you start treating it. You have fungus in your digestive tract that is feeding on the food that you eat so you must start avoiding foods that it enjoys. Sugar is the main ne but they are a lot of foods that should be avoided if you want to eliminate this health destroying organism from your body. It’s feeding on the walls of your intestines just like it feeds on the skin cells in and around your vagina.

If you need help in eliminating it from your intestines than Linda Allen can start helping you from today. Read about her here Linda Allen’s Yeast Infection Cure. Linda will help you eliminate the fungus from your body and strengthen your body’s natural defenses so that the naturally occurring Candida can’t mutate into more fungus.

Visit your doctor

Before you start any type of treatment for your yeast infection you must see your doctor first. They will rule out any underlying health problem that you may have if you’re suffering from constant yeast infections. once you have seen them and your health is OK then you can start your treatment knowing that you don’t need to do anything else first.

If you did have another health condition that needed treating then that would need to be done as quickly as possible so you could then concentrate on the fungus in your intestines. It would be pointless to keep on killing it if you had something else that was encouraging it to flourish in your body.

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Posted January 25th, 2012 in Bloating.

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