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Is It Bad To Take Diflucan When You Don’t Have A Yeast Infection

Is it bad to take Diflucan when you don’t have a yeast infection? Yes, it is. Taking any drug when you haven’t been correctly diagnosed by a doctor is bad for you. And more women now are creating drug resistant yeast infections because they are using anti fungal drugs before they have had a correct diagnosis.

The yeast in your body

You have Candida yeast in your body all the time. A fungal infection is the result of the yeast mutating into an aggressive fungus that feeds on your body. If you’re not suffering from a fungal infection, then taking anti fungal drugs will cause the Candida to mutate into fungus. It does this to protect itself, and when it does it because a drug has been taken then that drug is not going to cure an infection it has just caused.

Once your infection has been caused by one drug then you’re probably going to need something stronger to treat your infections. The problem with taking oral anti fungals, and then creating a yeast infection is you cause the yeast inside your body to mutate. this can lead to problems that can last for years.

Drug resistant yeast infection

A drug resistant yeast infection usually ends up being treated with a maintenance dose of drugs over period of years. For some women they are more than happy to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars alleviating the symptoms of their infection instead of getting the help of an expert for around $40. This is because most women think you need to use drugs to cure infections, and they are the same women that have caused their own infection with those very same drugs.

They just keep on pumping them into their body thinking that what they are doing is actually helping. If you kill the fungus in your body, which is what a powerful anti fungal drug like Diflucan will do every time you take it, and your infection keeps on coming back, then something is wrong.

You must treat the cause of your infection if you want to cure it, and just killing fungus is not in any way treating the cause of your infection. If the yeast in your body keeps on mutating into a fungus then you need to find out why.

Using Diflucan when you don’t have a yeast infection

If you don’t have a yeast infection then there is no other reason why you would need to take Diflucan. It’s a powerful anti fungal drug, and it’s only purpose is to kill fungus. It doesn’t cure anything else, or prevent anything.

Always talk to your doctor first before you use anything like this on your body. Even an anti fungal cream will cause the yeast to mutate into fungus in your vagina if you use it when you’re not suffering from a yeast infection.

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