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If You Use Yeast Infection Med’s And Don’t Have A Yeast Infection

If you use yeast infection med’s and don’t have a yeast infection then you can cause a yeast infection, and it will be drug resistant. You won’t be able to cure an infection with the same drug that has forced the yeast to mutate into fungus. You’ll have to find other ways to cure your infection. You can end up using these drugs for years just to alleviate your symptoms, and this is what many women do all becausethey used an anti fungal cream when they didn’t have an infection.

Preventing a yeast infection

A lot of women think that they can prevent a yeast infection with anti fungal creams or pills. If you want to prevent an infection than this is the last thing you need to be doing. If you want to prevent a fungal infection then you should start taking a high quality probiotic that will fight off the fungus. You can’t do it with any type of drug.

Keeping their vagina clean

Some women also think that they’ll keep their vagina clean if they use an anti fungal cream that they’ve purchased from their local drug store. Your vagina is self cleaning so there’s no need to put anything in it unless you have an infection. Vaginal douching is something else that is unnecessary, and it is also not healthy.

Why these med’s cause yeast infections

If you take yeast infection med’s when you’re not suffering from a fungal infection then you force the Candida yeast in your body to mutate into fungus. The Candida lives in your body all the time, and when it is kept under control it is harmless. You can have it in your body your whole life without ever suffering from an infection. Your body’s natural defenses keep it under control.

If the yeast grows in numbers it mutates into a fungus, and this is when you start suffering from an infection. If you take anti fungal drugs when you’re not suffering from an infection then the drugs force the yeast to mutate into fungus. This is a self defenses mechanism that is built into them, and it doesn’t take long for them to do it.

Many women who think they are treating a yeast infection with these creams when they aren’t suffering from one think that the cream has made their infection worse, but it hasn’t. All they have done is created a fungal infection on top of the infection they were already suffering from.

If you’re not suffering from a fungal infection then there is no need to take any type of anti fungal treatment. Doing so can lead you down a long road of hell trying to cure a drug resistant infection with more drugs. It can last for years.

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How To Cure A Yeast Infection In The Intestines

How do you cure a yeast infection in the intestines? First of all to be able to cure a fungal infection in your intestines you have to understand what is happening in there. It’s not just a case of killing the fungus and then your intestinal yeast infection is cured. There is a lot more to it than that.

Yeast in your intestines

You’ve had the yeast in your intestines almost all of your life. What the problem is now though, is the yeast is mutating into an aggressive fungus, and that fungus is feeding on the food that you eat, and it’s feeding on you. The fungus feeds on the walls of your intestines just like it feeds on the skin cells in your vagina.

If you don’t stop the fungus feeding in your body as quickly as possible then your health is going to go into decline. You’ll start suffering from many symptoms that you won’t think are anything to do with your internal yeast infection.

The fungus will eventually perforate your intestines and then the toxins from the fungus will enter your bloodstream, and this is when other symptoms start. Sympotms such as ching muscles and joint wil begin. And you’ll have no way of knowing if they are anything to do with the internal fungsu you’re suffering from.

Curing you infection

To cure your infection you can’t just kill the fungus. If you just kill the fungus then the Candida yeast in your body will just mutate into more fungus straight afterwards. Your body has become a place that the yeast is enjoying living in, and you must change that. If you don’t you’ll be suffering from intestinal yeast infections for a very long time.

You must make the environment in your body one that the yeast doesn’t enjoy living in, and struggles to live in. You must starve the yeast and fungus so that it is easier to kill off, and it will also make it a lot easier for your body’s natural defenses to get back to full strength. Once these are back to full strength then the Candida will no longer be able to mutate into fungus, and then you’ll cure your intestinal infection.

You have 2 choices

You can cure the infection on your own which is extremely difficult seeing as it was you that caused the infection in the first place. If you just cary on making the mistakes with your health that you’re making now, then the infection will never get cured. Just feeding the yeast and fungus with one food they like can mean your infection will hang around for a lot longer than it should.

If you get help you’re going to save money and time. And you body will thank you for it by functioning better when you have cleansed it of all infection causing organisms.

Find out more information about how you can get expert help, and cure your infection without using any drugs at Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure.

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